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Xial Na'nam - province completely landlocked; contains Mt. Seleya; contains Subministry of Agriculture geography
Xir'tan continent an island continent somewhat larger than Australia; is the most tectonically unstable land mass with frequent earthquakes and volcanoes; is too unstable to serve as a permanent home for more than a handful of Vulcans geography
Xir-tan continent most techtonically stable continent geography
xirahnah silver birds the legendary Vulcan "silver birds"; they have chromium-coloured feathers; falcon-sized; make a "chir-up"-like sound or an eerie cry; nest furtner north in the L-langon range; usually come over the Sas-a-shar at dawn (Orion Press Lexicon) animal
xoi'ksem cloud cloud/mass of liquid particles suspended in a gaseous medium meteorology
Xon Xon he was to have been Enterprise's new science officer in ST II, the aborted 1977 TV series individual
Xtmprsqzntwlfb Spock's family name this was made up by DC Fontana to satisfy the question she was always asked individual

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