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shalat quadrant a circular arc of 90; one fourth of the circumference of a circle; the plane area bounded by such an arc and two perpendicular radii math
dahpul-vo'ihn quadratic equation an equation in which one or more of the terms is squared but raised to no higher power, having the general form ax2 + bx + c = 0 math
dahpul-nik-tok quadratic formula the formula x = [-b (b2 - 4ac)]/2a, used to compute the roots of a quadratic equation math
dahpul-ketil quadratic integral quadratic integral math
keh-vel quadrilateral a polygon having four sides (noun) math
keh-shivaya quadriplegia complete paralysis of the body from the neck down; sometimes has gross motor movements of upper limbs though medicine
t'kehsu quadruplet one of four offspring born in a single birth family
t'kehsu quadruplet a group of four notes having the time value of three notes of the same kind music
nosahek quantifier an operator that limits the variables of a proposition, as some or all; a linguistic form that expresses a contrast in quantity, as some, all, or many math
nosahp quantity a specified or indefinite number or amount; the measurable, countable, or comparable property or aspect of a thing; an exact amount or number
sposhan-wakrubaya quantum evolution an an attempt to provide a theoretical mechanism which would skew random mutations in favor of some outcome beneficial to the cell science
numen-vunai quantum field a distribution of energy that is constantly creating and destroying particles and transmitting the forces of nature astronomy
numen-gasu-pakhartayek quantum flux regulator a regulator that smoothes out spontaneous fluctuation of energy in a volume of space - a consequence of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle tool
numen-viskulan quantum matrix quantum matrix
numen-wek-netehnovayek quantum phase inhibitor known more commonly as the Tox Uthat, the inhibitor could stop the nuclear reaction that takes place within stars tool
numen-glashayek quantum scanner quantum scanner tool
sposhan-koshtrivaya quantum speciation the rapid evolution of a new species from a small population that is partially or totally isolated from the parent population biology
numen-lushun quantum torpedo further development of a photon torpedo that employs a quantum uncertainty to generate additional particles and enhance the detonation weapon
pihl quark any of a group of six elementary particles having electric charges of a magnitude 1/3 or 2/3 that of the electron; six flavors of quarks science
yonuk quarter one quarter of a lit; 25 qsu'lit; a coin equal to one fourth of the dollar of the United States and Canada money
yonuk quarter 1/4 (anc.) number
ha-shal quarters dwelling places; a place of residence, especially the buildings or barracks used to house military personnel or their dependents house
kehek quartet a composition for four voices or four instruments; a group of four singers or four instrumentalists music
kohv-tukh quartz a very hard mineral composed of silica, SiO2, found worldwide in many different types of rocks, including sandstone and granite element
sha'ti-dahsau-koshtrivaya quasi-sympatric speciation quasi-sympatric speciation [no definition available] biology
ko-te'kru Queen a woman sovereign; the wife or widow of a king rank
psthan quest the act or an instance of seeking or pursuing something; a search (noun) meditation
deshkau question to put a question to; to examine (a witness, for example) by questioning; interrogate (verb)
deshker question the expression of inquiry that invites or calls for a reply; an interrogative sentence, phrase, or gesture (noun)
sahris quick moving or functioning rapidly and energetically; speedy; learning, thinking, or understanding with speed and dexterity; bright
ne-hal-mazhiv quicksand a bed of loose sand mixed with water forming a soft shifting mass that tends to engulf any object resting on its surface place
hizhuk quiet making little or no noise; free of loud noise; hushed
natuhekta-tukh quinone any of a class of aromatic compounds found widely in plants used in making dyes, tanning hides, and photography plant
kauvek quintet a composition for five voices or five instruments; a group of five singers or five instrumentalists music
t'kausu quintuplet any of five offspring born in a single birth family
t'kausu quintuplet a group or combination of five associated by common properties or behavior
ved quite to the greatest extent; completely; actually; really; to a degree; rather
dahsau-nosahp quotient the number obtained by dividing one quantity by another; in 45 3 = 15, 15 is the quotient math

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