Vulcan English Description Category
tik each each parts of speech
nayik eager eager
kaluk ear ear [body part] body part
kaluk-kusut earache earache medicine
zhu-nalatra-tin eardrum eardrum; tympanic membrane separating the middle ear from the inner ear body part
ne-kaluk earlobe the fleshy pendulous part of the external ear body part
ten-mal early early; not late
pinkau earn to earn (verb)
pinkaunu earnings earnings money
kaluk-ralashek earphone earphone
kaluk-vel earpiece earpiece
kaluk-mokov earring earring; jewelry for the ear clothing
kaluk-mokov earring earring clothing
solektra earth earth; ground; dirt
Terra Earth Planet Earth species
ek'tra-ek'tallar earth sciences earth sciences science
fi'Terra-pukeshtaik Earthborn Earthborn species
fi'Terra-telanik earthbound earthbound
Terrasu Earthling - Terran one who lives on Planet Earth species
terrupik earthly earthly
solektra-hutaya earthquake earthquake meteorology
solektra-hutau-flan'es earthquake intensity earthquake intensity
solektra-hutau-pul'es earthquake magnitude earthquake magnitude
krotchilaya easement anything that gives ease or comfort
she'rak east east; direction of compass
she'rak- eastern eastern (adjective) direction
she'rakik eastern eastern direction
na'she'rak eastward(s) eastward(s) direction
hag- easy easy; not difficult
hagik easy easy; not difficult
spa'ra eat eat food
yokul eat eat (VLI) food
yokul-yehat eatable eatable; edible food
yokul-mahr-kel eatery eatery; restaurant food
kamu-mesyel(lar) eave(s) eave(s) house
knal'lur eavesdropping eavesdropping crime
ne'le-mashen ebb tide the flowing back of tide water to the ocean; opposite of flood meteorology
risvitan- eccentric eccentric (adjective)
rivitanik eccentric eccentric (adjective)
risvitan-vulu eccentric angle eccentric angle
risvitan'es eccentricity eccentricity
akan(-) ecdemic a disease carried to a region from without; not endemic, nor an epidemic medicine
vus echelon a troop, fleet, or airplane formation resembling a series of steps
vava echo echo (noun)
ek'duv eclipse eclipse (noun); like a solar or lunar eclipse astronomy
malat-talsu ecologist a biologist who studies the relation between organisms and their environment occupation
malat-tal ecology the science of the relationships between organisms and their environments science
iskan-talsu economist economist money
yeht-korsau economize to economize (verb)
iskan economy a monetary system money
yeht-iskan'es economy efficient use; as in economy of motion
shal-ne-koshtri ecospecies a species of plant, natural or cultivated, interfertile and highly adapted to its habitat science
ha-ek'shal ecosphere ecosphere science
ha-ek'torektra ecosystem a community of animals, plants, bacteria and tis interrelated physical/chemical environment science
parh-shal ecotone the zone wherein 2 different forms of vegetable life contend for dominance; transistion between 2 zones science
shal-ha-ves ecotype subspecies or variety adapated to specific environments science
ha'mazhiv-kur ecru light tan colour colour
prahk'es ecstasy ecstasy emotion
prahk- ecstatic ecstatic emotion
prahkik ecstatic ecstatic emotion
si-nalatra ectoderm outermost of the primary germ layers in the embryo; become skin, sense organs, nervous system body part
skonn-neshuhk ectoparasite parasite that lives upon the exteriour of its host, like a louse medicine
ritsuri-shitik khaf-spol ectopia cordis malposition of the heart in which the heart lies outside the thoracic cavity medicine
ri-sudef-k'kan'es ectopic pregnancy where the embryo implants in the fallopian tube instead of the uterus medicine
si- ecto~ exo~; outer(-); ecto~; extra~ prefix
pi'tchef eddy whirlpool (noun) place
pi'tehn-katrom eddy counter-current (noun)
tehn-katrom eddy current eddy current
ritsuri-masu-hoknaya edema swelling; abnormal accumulation of serous fluid in various organs/cavities/tissues medicine
zud-fam- edentate of or pertaining to an order of placental animals like sloths/armadillos/anteaters; are toothless animals animal
zud-famik edentulous having no teeth medicine
rihk edge edge (noun)
rihkau edge to edge as in to edge a lawn or a garment (verb) house
rihk-raul edge tool a sharp cutting tool as in a chisel tool
rihkaya edging edging
chakh edible an edible plant; also spelled chakh' plant
chakh' edible an edible plant; also spelled chakh plant
yokul-yehat edible edible; able to eat food
ver-tor edit to edit
ver-tor edit to edit (verb)
yadan edition edition
yadan edition edition
versu editor editor
versu editor editor
daya effect effect; to make an effect
daya effect effect
dau-bosh effective effective
dau-bosh'es effectiveness effectiveness
salesh- efferent carrying away from a central part; from central nervous system to muscles (adjective)
saleshik efferent carrying away from a central part; from central nervous system to muscles
yeht-urgam'es efficiency the quality or property of being efficient; the degree to which this quality is exercised
yeht-urgam'es-tavan efficiency rating a rating that measures steady-state efficiency; used in heating and cooling; a performance report for Starfleet vessels and personnel
yeht-urgam(-) efficient acting directly to produce an effect; acting or producing effectively with a minimum of waste, expense, or unnecessary effort
sayumuk effluent effluent; flowing out; an outflow of water from a lake for example
urgam effort the use of physical or mental energy to do something; exertion
yu-mur egg egg food
yu-mur0rishek eggbeater eggbeater; device used to beat eggs tool
yu-mur-fo eggshell eggshell food
shayuf ego ego
pach-te Ego, The strongest of all desires and root of emotion religion
shal-svitan- egocentric egocentric
shal-svitanik egocentric egocentric
shai-svitan'es egocentrism egocentrism
ek'shai-svitan'es egomania egomania; abnormal or excessive egotism
ritsuri-shai'es egotism excessive references to oneself in speech or writing
ruk-tor egress to exit, go out from a building house
ruken egress a place of exit (from a building) house
zat-glak- eidetic the abiltity to clearly visualise objects previously seen such as an eidetic memory (adjective)
zat-glakik eidetic the abiltity to clearly visualise objects previously seen such as an eidetic memory
ohkuh eight 8 number
leh-oh eighteen 18 number
oh-leh eighty 80 number
kau-tukh einsteinium radioactive element artificially produced by the irradiation of plutonium element
khrasau ejaculate to ejaculate (verb)
khrasaya ejaculate ejaculate; substance containing sperm (noun)
khrasaya ejaculation ejaculation; act of ejaculating
khrasau-mev ejaculatory duct ejaculatory duct body part
sadakh eject eject (anc.)
sadakh-tukh ejecta matter or refuse cast out, as by a volcano or the body
sadakhat ejection ejection
sadakh-ku-san ejection seat ejection seat
dakh-vel ejector a device that ejects used material tool
sadakhek ejector one that ejects
buhl'es elan enthusiasm; dash; vivacity emotion
veshau elapse to elapse (verb)
veshaya elapse elapse (noun)
veshal-wak elapsed time elapsed time
kar-nef elbow elbow [body part] body part
tela'at elder elder; title of respect for an advanced aged Kolinahru rank
shakhupik elderly elderly (adjective) family
shakhupik elderly elderly family
Shakhu Elderly, The The Elderly (Noun) religion
todvel-tor elect to elect someone (verb)
todvelan election election
todvelsu elector one that elects
raf- electric electric (adjective)
rafik electric electric
raf-kus-vakh electric bell electric bell
raf-yontaya electric burn electric burn
raf-spa'es electric conductivity electric conductivity science
raf-glayek electric eye electric eye
raf-gasu electric flux electric flux
raf-ha'gelek electric light electric light
raf-mishu electric motor electric motor
raf-dataya electric propulsion electric propulsion science
raf-kolaya electric shock electric shock medicine
raf-khrasaya electrical discharge electrical discharge science
raf-mish-tal electrical engineering electrical engineering science
raf-tepul-sagan electrical power distribution electrical power distribution science
igen-wesh-sahriv electrical storm electrical storm meteorology
raf-tor-velsu electrician ones whose occupation is the installation, maintenance, repair, or operation of electric equipment and circuitry occupation
raf-tepul electricity the physical phenomena arising from the behavior of electrons and protons that is caused by the attraction of particles with opposite charges and the repulsion of particles with the same charge science
rafaya electrification electrification science
rafau electrify to electrify (verb)
raf-meil-tal electrochemistry electrochemistry
rafostau electrocute to electrocute (verb) medicine
rafostaya electrocution electrocution medicine
narafek electrode electrode science
raf-toranu-masu electrodynamic fluid electrodynamic fluid [no definition available] science
raf-toranu-nisayek electrodynamic probe a probe that is equipped with a monofilament stimulator that can be used to manipulate the neural transmitter levels in a human brain tool
raf-shek-sasek electroferric diffuser electroferric diffuser [no definition available] technical
raf-dvun-tal electrokenetics a branch of physics that deals with the motion of electrically charged particles science
raf-nifaya electrolysis act of attracting positive ions to an cathode, negative ions to a anode; removing hair by electricity science
falun-krus-masu electrolyte solution which is a conductor of electricity; can be found in the blood medicine
falun-krus-tukh electrolyte fluid that conducts electricity used in a cell/battery science
raf-nifau electrolyze to decompose by electric current
raf-seshan-vel electromagnet a core of iron surrounded by a coil which electricity passes through, becomes a magnet science
raf-seshan-vunai electromagnetic field (EMF) electromagnetic field (EMF) science
raf-seshan-ferek electromagnetic generator electromagnetic generator science
raf-seshan-vimevilaya electromagnetic induction electromagnetic induction science
raf-seshan-sagaya electromagnetic pulse (EMP) electromagnetic pulse (EMP) science
raf-seshan-saya electromagnetic radiation electromagnetic radiation science
raf-seshan-dvelek electromagnetic switch electromagnetic switch science
raf-seshan-kebi electromagnetic unit electromagnetic unit science
raf-seshan-pral electromagnetic wave electromagnetic wave science
raf-natya-thonek electrometer an instrument for measuring the voltage of an electric current tool
raf-dvun-nekwitaya electromotive force that which tends to produce a flow of electricity from one point to another science
u'gal electron negatively charged atomic particle science
t'gal-ha'zehl electron beam electron beam; a beam of electrons science
e'gal-pohshek electron gun used in a cathod ray tube for directing a steady stream of electrons in a given direction; picture tube tool
u'gal-shivak electron mass electron mass science
u'galik numo-zan-vel electron microscope electron microscope tool
u'gal-shif electron pair electron pair science
u'gal-kusilau-glashayek electron resonance scanner a device that can scan DNA to try to look for genetic mutations tool
u'gal-glashaun electron scanning electron scanning
u'gal-fo electron shell "orbit" an electron has around the nucleus science
u'gal-salash electron stream electron stream science
raf-u'rak(-) electronegative having the property of becoming negatively electrified by contact or chemical action science
raf-ar'kada- electronic of or pertaining to electrons (adjective)
raf-ar'kadaik electronic of or pertaining to electrons
raf-ar'kada-kahat electronic flash electronic flash
raf-ar'kada-yonan electronic ignition electronic ignition tool
raf-ar'kada-sakat electronic mail (email) electronic mail (email) house
raf-ar'kada-viralashek electronic microphone electronic microphone
raf-slaun electronic plating to coat an object with metal by electrodeposition science
raf-ar'kada-ha'wein electronic shutter electronic shutter (camera)
raf-ar'kada-dvelek electronic switch electronic switch science
raf-ar'kada-tvelkaun electronic tuning electronic tuning
raf-ar'kada-vellar electronics electronics (design of equipment)
u'gal-yumau-tal electronics electronics (study of) science
raf-ar'kada-sutauk electronics bay electronics bay is a part of the engine room of a vessel; no further definition available
pi'gal-dvum-tor-raf-toraru-masu electrophoresis the motion of colloidal particles suspended in a fluid medium, due to the influence of an electric field on the medium science
raf-a'rak(-) electropositive having the property of becoming positively electrified by contact or chemical action science
shi-raf- electrostatic a branch of physics dealing with the phenomena accompanying electric charges at rest; static electricity science
shi-rafik electrostatic a branch of physics dealing with the phenomena accompanying electric charges at rest; static electricity science
shi-raf-falun electrostatic charge static electric shock science
shi-raf-vunai electrostatic field electrostatic field science
shi-raf-ferek electrostatic generator a generator that produces static electricity tool
shi-raf-vimevilaya electrostatic induction electrostatic induction science
shi-raf-viralashek electrostatic microphone electrostatic microphone
shi-rafik fo-dan electrostatic shield electrostatic shield science
shi-raf-tal electrostatics a branch of physics dealing with the phenomena accompanying electric charges at rest; static electricity science
sohk'es elegance elegance
sohk- elegant elegant
sohkik elegant elegant
v'hak elegy a poem or song of lament and praise for the dead (anc.)
meilak element element (chemical); a substance that can't be separated into different substances element
velak element element (math); an infinitely small portion of a magnitude math
nen- elementary basic; fundamental (adj)
nenik elementary basic; fundamental
nen-kek elementary function elementary function
nen-su'us elementary number elementary number math
nen-pi'gal elementary particle elementary particle science
ashenau elevate elevate; raise
(sov-)pidek elevation elevation; altitude
ashenaya elevation elevation; raising
ashenayek elevator elevator; part of an aircraft (vertical and horizontal elevators); aircraft stabilizers
sa'adek elevator elevator; lift; device that transports people between floors; turbolift house
leh-wun eleven 11; number after ten number
ashen-padukau-rala elevon combined elevator and aileron (aircraft part)
snem-tor eliminate eliminate; to get rid of
pekh-snem elimination elimination of feces medicine
snem elimination elimination; removal
vazh-snem elimination elimination of urine medicine
snapid- elite elite (adjective) as in elite forces
snapidik elite elite (adjective) as in elite forces
Snapidu Elite Elite (noun)
snapid'es elitism government or controled by an elite
glozho elixir a cure-all; a medicine made of drugs in alcoholic solution; a powder for drying wounds (anc.)
yuv ellipse to fall short of a perfect circle
yuvan ellipsoid a solid whose plane sections are all ellipses or circles math
yuv- elliptic(al) of or having the form of an elllipse; of or characterized by ellipsis (adj)
yuvik elliptic(al) of or having the form of an elllipse; of or characterized by ellipsis
wuvau elongate to prolong; to make or become longer; stretch (verb)
wuvauk elongated elongated
wuvaya elongation elongation
kitok-wilat elsewhere elsewhere
savlau elude to elude; to evade (verb)
stron-tor elude elude; escape (verb)
pu-dahshau elutriate to purify or separate by washing and straining or decanting
pu-dahshaya elutriation elutriation
skrash-tukh eluvium deposit of soil/dust particles remaining where they were formed by the decomposion of rock masses place
su'el-tor emancipate to release from bondage, oppression or authority
su'elan emancipation emancipation
vulsolotra embankment embankment
fihal-tor embark to embark; to put or take aboard a vessel; to go aboard a vessel for a voyage
vishitau embed to embed; to set firmly in surrounding matter
kilyon ember ember
snem t'el-klotau-vel embolectomy to remove an embolus (foreign body that forms an obstruction in a blood vessel) medicine
mev-klotaya embolism the stopping up of a vein or artery by an embolus medicine
el-klotau-vel embolus foreign body that forms an obstruction in a blood vessel medicine
nartau embrace to embrace (verb); hug emotion
nartaya embrace embrace; hug; (noun) emotion
og-tanaf embroidery embroidery; sew in a pattern
pi'tenkan embryo embryo (MGV - a dialect of VLI Vulcan) medicine
ten-kan-bu embryo embryo (TGV - a dialect of VLI Vulcan) medicine
pi'tenkan-storaya embryogenesis development of an organism from its embryonic stage medicine
pi'tenkan-tal embryology science that deals with the origin, structure and development of the embryo medicine
pi'tenkan- embryonic embryonic (adj) medicine
pi'tenkanik embryonic embryonic medicine
yar-khush emerald emerald (the stone, not the colour)
sasarlah emerge emerge; to come from
kef- emergency emergency emotion
kef-yet emergency emergency emotion
kefik emergency emergency emotion
kefik tehn-sesh-kwitek emergency anti-grav thruster emergency anti-grav thruster [no definition available] technical
kef-tanilau-mev t'igen-pa-tukh emergency atmospheric gas feed emergency atmospheric gas feed [no definition available] technical
kef-kipof emergency battery a battery that activates during a power loss, keeping vital systems operating tool
kvath-tash-svitan emergency bridge a backup starship control facility; also referred to as auxiliary control technical
kef-tuhlau-vis emergency containment grid emergency containment grid [no definition available] technical
prah-vel t'kef-kluhvaya emergency flush intake a system that can absorb interstellar matter to assist the purging of energized plasma from the warp engine support pylons via the emergency flush vents technical
kef-kluhvau-krau emergency flush vent a system that allows energized plasma to be purged from the warp engine support pylons technical
kef-ferek emergency generator emergency generator tool
kef-thro-svep emergency hatch a hatch through which a person can go during an emergency technical
kef-fisolekau-mal emergency landing leg a strut from the starship that supports a landed ship technical
kef-ha'kiv-nenikaya emergency life support used when a person has stopped breathing or whose heart has stopped; can enable them to survive until professional help arrives medicine
kefik has-reh-bikuvsu emergency medical hologram (EMH) a holographic replacement for a starship's medical officer medicine
kef-rishan-tsorayek emergency survival compartment emergency survival compartment [no definition available] medicine
kef-dvelek emergency switch emergency switch tool
kef-ifisek emergency transporter a transporter used in case of an emergency tool
pluhkan emesis vomiting; the reflex act of ejecting the contents of the stomach through the mouth medicine
plukh-tukh emetic tending to produce vomit; an emetic agent medicine
saya emission that which is emitted
sau emit send forth; give off
sayek emitter a device that emits tool
sau-zehlaya emitter array a grouping of devices generally found on starships, starbases, and devices which may have a number of purposes, including in tractor beams, deflectors, force fields, shield generators, and transporters tool
wadi-mosek emollient softening or relaxing; smoothing, especially to the skin; a softening or smoothing medicament
por'sen emotion emotion emotion
zherka emotion(s) emotion(s) (VLI) emotion
zherka-bosh emotional emotional (VLI); those learned/conditioned emotional patterns/reactions emotion
sa'hat emotional reactions those learned or conditioned emotional reactions/patterns emotion
k'oh-nar emotional vunerability cultural fear of emotional vunerability and exposure; feeling of being completely exposed in some way; also spelled koh-nar emotion
koh-nar emotional vunerability cultural fear of emotional vunerability and exposure; feeling of being completely exposed in some way; also spelled k'oh-nar emotion
arie'amp emotionally crazy emotionally crazy emotion
zherka-fam emotionless emotionless emotion
rigolauk empathic empathic; sensing the emotions of others1 emotion
rigolaya empathy empathy (noun); one who senses the emotions of others emotion
sa-eik-te'krusu Emperor Emperor rank
eik-te'kru empire empire place
totepulau empower to empower (verb)
ko-eik-te'krusu Empress feminine of Emperor rank
herbosh empty empty; not full
pi'tauk-kuhka-hoknaya empyema puss in a body cavity, usually pleural cavity; result of primary infection in the lungs medicine
dah-mashek emulsifier a device that makes an emulsion (a milky liquid)
dah-masu emulsion a milky liquid
pahafolau encapsulate encapsulate; to make into a capsule
patuhl-tor encase to encase (verb)
shad-yonshaya encephalitis inflammation of the brain medicine
shad-faka encephalocele protrusion of the brain through a cranial fissure medicine
shad-has encephalopathy study of the structure, function and pathology of the brain medicine
panaflakhau enchain to bind with a chain
vikuvau encircle to form a circle around; to go around; to make a circuit of
vikuvaya encirclement encirclement
vi'ikap-tor enclose to close in on all sides; to fence in; to surround
vikiht-tor encode to convert a message from plain text into code
vikihtek encoder a person or device that converts ordinary language into code
snagel encounter encounter (noun)
snagel-tor encounter to encounter something/someone (verb)
snagel-travek encounter group to meet each other in conflict emotion
kastorau encourage encourage
kastoraya encouragement encouragement emotion
visnuhpau encroach to intrude stealthily or gradually; to advance beyond the proper or usual limits; to tresspass
visnuhpaya encroachment the act of encroaching
visatilau-viskulan encrpytion matrix a matrix used to lock or codify something technical
papuhnkau encrust to cover with a hard coating or crust; to decorate lavishly as with jewels [also spelled incrust]
papuhnkaya encrustation crust, coating or scale, especially a coating of lavish ornament [also spelled incrustation]
visatilau encrypt encrypt; code
visatilaya encryption encryption; to code or lock a file using a code
danau-dunap encyclopedia encyclopedia; reference books house
shaht end end (noun)
shahtau end to end (verb)
vitehvar-tor endanger endanger (verb)
yonshaya t'uzh-khaf-mev endarteritis inflammation of innermost coat of an aterery caused by syphillis, trauma, bacteria, infective thrombis medicine
nakarat endeavor endeavot (noun) (anc.)
la'tveshulauk endemic native to a particular country or region
shahtan ending ending (noun)
shaht-fam endless endless
tvi-hatik endobiotic pertaining to an organism living parasitically in the host biology
yonshaya t'tvi-tin t'khaf-spol endocarditis inflammation of the lining membrane of the heart medicine
tvi-tin t'khaf-spol endocardium lining (serous) membrane of the inner surface and cavities of the heart body part
tvi-sau-pi'nafek endocrine gland ductless gland which produces internal secretions into the blood or lymph systems body part
tvi-sau-torektra endocrine system system which consists of endocrine glands that secrete hormones which are circulated around the body body part
tvi-sau-tal endocrinology study of endocrine system medicine
tvi-kaluk-masu endolymph pale, limpid fluid within the labyrinth of the ear body part
risudef-tvitaya-nosh endometriosis ectopic endometrium located in various sites throughout the pelvis or in the abdominal wall medicine
sudef-tvitaya endometrium mucous membrane lining the inner surface of the uterus body part
tvi-neshuhk endoparasite any parasite living within a host medicine
tvi-tukh endoplasm internal, fluid protoplasm of a cell which lies within the ectoplasm which forms the peripheral layer body part
kusut-nemik tvi-shad-keterklar endorphins chemicals in the brain that are powerful pain killers body part
tvi-zan-vel endoscope device used to observe the inside of an organ or cavity; consists of tube and optical system medicine
tvi-zanan endoscopy inspections of organs or cavities by the use of the endoscope medicine
(tvi-)hinek-teraya endoskeleton internal body framework of the body body part
nei-yem-nalatra endosperm tissue surrounding a developing embyro and provides food for its growth body part
tvi-hinek-tvitaya endosteum membrane lining bone in the medullary cavity body part
tvi-skonn-nalatra endothelium flat cells that line the blood/lymphatic vessels, heart, and other body cavities body part
tvi- endo~ endo~; inner~; inter~ prefix
palesh endurance endurance
palesh-tor endure to endure (verb)
pekh-razh-pun enema enema medicine
nemut enemy enemy (anc.)
tepulau energize energize; to get energy
tepul energy the capacity of a physical system to do work; the units of energy are joules or ergs; an exertion of force science
tepul-vo'ektaya energy balance energy balance
tepul-foshek energy barrier energy barrier
tepul-vunai energy field energy field
tepul-yumaya energy flow the intake, conversion and passage of energy through an organism or ecosystem biology
tepul-thakau-viskulan energy focusing matrix energy focusing matrix [no definition available] technical
tepul-nazh energy gain energy gain
tepul-vok energy level energy level
tepul-pak energy loss energy loss
tepul-khartaun energy management energy management
tepul-shan energy transfer energy transfer
togolau enforce to enforce (verb)
togolaya enforcement enforcement crime
togolausu enforcer enforcer; one who enforces crime
mishu engine a motor that converts thermal energy to mechanical work; a wheeled vehicle consisting of a self-propelled engine that is used to draw trains along railway tracks tool
mishek engineer a person who uses scientific knowledge to solve practical problems; the operator of a railway locomotive occupation
mish-shal engineering a room (as on a ship) in which the engine is located science
mish-tal engineering the discipline dealing with the art or science of applying scientific knowledge to practical problems science
tum-vel-sutauk t'mish-shal engineering computer bay the bay where the engineering computer is located place
Eingelsu English English; language of Earth (Terra) species
thes-for engrave to engrave
thessu engraver one who engraves
thes engraving act of engraving
shonau engulf to engulf
del-ri enigma enigma (anc.)
tizh-tor enjoy to enjoy emotion
tizh'es enjoyment enjoyment emotion
sukau enlarge to enlarge
sukaya enlargement enlargement
sukayek enlarger that which enlarges
masuk' enormous enormous; huge; very large
hiyet enough enough (anc.)
tvidon-tor enrich to enrich
tvidon'es enrichment enrichment
shek-mor-shidik ensiform sword-like structure; xiphoid process of the sternum body part
(seht-)haifan ensign ensign (flag) as in the Red Ensign of Canada rank
wuh-lan Ensign Ensign (naval rank) rank
k'vath enter enter
svi-tor enter to enter (VLI)
pekh-mev-yonshaya enteritis inflammation of the intestines; of the mucous lining of intestines medicine
buhl'es enthusiasm enthusiasm emotion
buhl- enthusiastic enthusiastic emotion
buhlik enthusiastic enthusiastic emotion
ravot-talsu entomologist a zoologist who studies insects occupation
ravot-ashauk entomophilous of flowering plants (especially orchids etc) that are pollinated by insects botony
svin entry entry; place where one enters house
ek'krus-snem enucleation removal of a tumour or structure from its capsule; removal of the eyeball medicine
ritash-vazhaya enuresis incontinence; involuntary urination medicine
ek'sitra environment the totality of circumstances surrounding an organism or group of organisms; the circumstances or conditions that surround one; surroundings
ek'sitra-tash environmental control environmental control; device to control the environment house
glantayek t'ek'sitra-torektralar environmental systems monitor environmental systems monitor [no definition available] technical
zalu enzyme organic catalyst produced by living cells but capable of acting independently body part
mapen-palesh- ephemeral lasting only one day; short-lived; transitory (adjective)
mapen-paleshik ephemeral lasting only one day; short-lived; transitory
sahr-kastik ephemeral living or lasting only for a day, as certain plants or insects do biology
shal-has-sak epidemic appearance of a disease/illness that attacks many people at the same time medicine
has-sak-talsu epidemiologist a medical scientist who studies the transmission and control of epidemic diseases occupation
has-sak-tal epidemiology the branch of medicine that deals with the study of the causes, distribution, and control of disease in populations medicine
si-wadi epidermis outer layer of skin body part
pi'sa-nei-mev epididymis tube resting upon and beside the testes ending in the ductus deferens. body part
vinem-pi'rala epiglottis cartilege that folds back over the windpipe during swallowing preventing food from entering lungs body part
isach-gir-snem epilation extraction of hair medicine
skichra epilepsy abnormal firing of brain cells producing seizures (anc.) medicine
han-khafaya epistaxis nosebleed medicine
wein-nala epithelial cell the layer of cells forming the epidermis of the skin and the surface layer of mucous/serous membranes body part
wein-nalatra epithelial tissu tissue that forms the epidermis of the skin and the surface layer of mucour/serous membranes body part
wein-nala-tin epithelium the layer of cells forming the epidermis of the skin and the surface layer of mucous/serous membranes body part
fi-aushfa-to'ovauk epizoic living as a parasite on the exteriour of a host animal
aushfa-wadi-hatik aushfa epizoon an animal organism living as a parasite on the exteriour of a host animal
nauf epoch the beginning of a new and important period in history
raf-snazh-mev EPS conduit conduits that carry the plasma necessary for the power distribution network used aboard Federation starships; this plasma supplies the warp drive and other systems such as SIF, life support, computers, shields or weapons technical
viskulan-rushanek t'raf-snazh EPS matrix converter EPS matrix converter [no definition available] technical
raf-snazh-pakhartayek EPS regulator a crucial piece of equipment without which, the warp drive cannot function tool
raf-snazh-gol'dvunek EPS relay EPS relay [no definition available] tool
raf-snazh-torektra EPS system a network of energy conduits that power the various systems aboard a starship; means electro plasma system technical
ka equal equal (adjective) as in equal partners
ka- equal equal (adjective) as in equal partners
kaik equal equal (adjective) as in equal partners
ka'es equality equality
kaing equally in the same way []
vo'ihn equation equation math
dahs-da-kuv equator equator place
ka-ir- equidistant equidistant (adj.)
ka-irik equidistant equidistant
ka-reh-kesek equilateral arch equilateral arch math
ka-pidvalu equilateral hyperbola equilateral hyperbola math
ka-wehk-vla equilateral polygon equilateral polygon math
ka-reh-kamu equilateral root equilateral root math
ka-reh-vla equilateral triangle equilateral triangle math
vo'ektilahr equilibrium equilibrium; balance
ka-gad equinox days and nights of equal duration
tanovau equip to equip; to outfit (verb)
mishitra equipment machninery with which a person, an organization, or a thing is equipped tool
tanovau-tukh equipment the gear, clothing, or other items needed for a particular activity or purpose clothing
putanovau equipped to be equipped tool
ka-tala'es equivalence equivalence; the same as
ka-tala- equivalent equivalent (adj.)
ka-talupik equivalent equivalent
nuhs era a system of reckoning time by numbering the years from some given date; eg the Bronze era
snishau erase erase; rub out; remove
snishayek eraser eraser; device used to erase
snishaya erasure erasure
bal-tukh erbium a metallic chemical element of the rare-earth group; symbol Er. element
bal-tukh-ha'zehlek erbium laser laser from erbium tool
abru-tor erect to erect; to build; to raise up
abru-nalatra erectile tissue tissue that when filled with blood, causes a penis to become erect body part
abrun erection penile erection
abrun-dvunek erector erector (anat.) body part
dvunek-thonek ergometer device for measuring the amount of work done by an animal/Human tool
zup-dvun-tal ergonomics concerned with the problem of how to fit a job to a human's anatomomy to enhance efficiency science
yartik-luk ergot drug obtained from a parasitical fungus on rye medicine
has-mar s'yartik-luk ergotism poisoning from excessive use of ergot crime
skrashau erode to erode; to wear away (verb)
guv-kastorilau- erogenous those areas of the body that are highly sensitive to sexual stimulation (adj.)
guv-kastorilauk erogenous those areas of the body that are highly sensitive to sexual stimulation
skrashaya erosion erosion
skrashauk erosive erosive
guv-dau- erotic erotic (adj.) emotion
guv-dauk erotic erotic emotion
laf-tor err to make an error; to be wrong or mistaken
skrol errand errand
lafosh error error; mistake (anc.)
laf-kiht error code error code
laf-skladan error message error message
laf-glantokaya error signal error signal
torvaya t'yon-khaf-nalalar erthropoiesis formation of red blood corpuscles medicine
skaun-sa'haf-sovau eruct to belch; burb (verb) medicine
skaun-sa'haf-sovaya eructation belching medicine
sposh-tor erupt to erupt
sposhan eruption eruption
wadi-yon'es s'pi'haf-mev-eikan erythemia redness; a rash medicine
mayon-kurau-nosh erythrism condition of redness of the hair and beard with a ruddy complexion medicine
khaf-orfik-nala erythroblast any form of nucleated red blood corpuscles body part
yon-khaf-nala erythrocyte non-nucleated red blood corpuscles body part
wadi-yon'es-nosh erythroderma abnormal redness of the skin medicine
abulau escalate to escalate; to increase
sa'ovau escalate to escalate; to expand
shenek escalator escalator; moving staircase house
stron-yehat escapable able to escape from
stron escape escape (noun)
stron-tor escape to escape (verb)
stron-thro-svep escape hatch escape hatch
stron-threshan escape velocity velocity necessary to leave Earth's gravitational pull and establish an orbit astronomy
stronsu escapee one who escapes
pele-ut-la escort to a koon-ut-la escort of a girl to her koon-ut-la, usually her uncle (Mind Meld) training
yontaya-net eshar a slough (scab), esp. one following a cauterization or a burn (medicine) medicine
yokul-mev esophagus tube leading from mouth to stomach body part
grei-faitik esoteric understood only by a chosen few
vi'le-da-nosh t'bezhun(lar) esotropia cross-eyed medicine
wa especially especially
wa' especially especially
wa' especially especially; particularly prefix
bolaya- essential essential (adj)
bolayatik essential essential
bolaya-meilak essential element a chemical element that is necessary to the healthy growth of an organism biology
bolaya-elmin essential oil essential oil
afer-tor establish to establish something
vam esteem esteem emotion
vilash ester organic compound, comparable to an inorganic salt element
talupau estimate to estimate (verb)
talupaya estimate estimate (noun)
ko-dau-tukh estrogen female hormone body part
masutra-riflash estuary wide mouth of a river where the tide meets the current; inlet or arm of a sea place
sash-thes-tor etch to etch, to scratch into; to engrave
ek'wak- eternal eternal; forever; perpetual
ek'wakik eternal eternal; forever; perpetual
ek'wak'es eternity eternity; forever
sampa-tukh ethane odorless, colourless hydrocarbon, used as a fuel, found in natural gas element
ri-ek'tra- ethereal very light, airy, delicate (adj)
ri-ek'traik ethereal ethereal
tomayeht- ethical ethical
tomayeht- ethical having to do with ethics or morality (adj)
tomayehtik ethical ethical
tomayehtik ethical ethical
ne-koshtri'es ethnicity having to do with ethnics
ne-koshtri-svitanik ethnocentric ethnocentric
ne-koshtri-tal ethnology study of comparitive cultures of various peoples including characteristics, distribution, folkways, etc. science
nena-tukh ethyl hydrocarbon radical that forms the basis of common alcohol, ether, and many other compounds element
nepa-tukh ethylene hydrocarbon used in fuels and anesthetics, flammable, hastens the ripening of fruit element
mu'gel-to'ovaya etiolation pale or sickly looking from lack of light or from continued illness (noun) medicine
aishan-tal etiology study of the causes of disease medicine
yeht-shila-kloshai etiquette etiquette; proper ways of behavour
zhit-vesht-talsu etymologist a lexicographer who specializes in the study of the sources and development of words occupation
zhit-vesht-tal etymology literal sense of a word; study of the origin of words science
tash-noshtra-talsu eugenicist one who is a specialist of advocate of eugenics occupation
tash-noshtra-tal eugenics the control of the development of a species by manipulating hereditary factors, like DNA
krus-alem-masupik euhaline euhaline [no definition available]
svitan-ha-gel eukaryote an organism with cells characteristic of all life forms except primitive microorganisms such as bacteria; i.e. an organism with `good' or membrane-bound nuclei in its cells biology
kroliben eulogize to praise or make a funeral oration in a eulogy
krolun eulogy speech or writing in praise of a person, event, or thing, especially a funeral oration
risakallarsu eunuch a castrated man medicine
rom-skaunik eupeptic good digestion medicine
rom-ralashik euphonious having a pleasant sound; harmonious
muhl-olau'es euphoria a feeling of well-being or high spirits emotion
muhl-olauk euphoric being in the state of euphoria emotion
masu-ha'gel-shal euphotic zone pertaining to the upper portion of a body of water that receives enough light for photosynthesis place
tsuri-pa'kizh eupnea normal breathing as opposed to dyspnea (difficulty breathing) or apnea (absence of breathing) medicine
shanai-tukh europium element of the lanthanide series element
eik-shal-hatik euryecious euryecious [no definition available]
eik-alem'es-kupik euryhaline describes water organisms that tolerate a wide range of salinity animal
ek'esh-tukh-kupik euryoxic describes organisms that tolerate a wide range of oxygen to live animal
eik-yokulik euryphagic describes organisms that tolerate a wide range of foods animal
eik-falek'es-kupik eurythermal describes organisms that tolerate a wide range of temperatures animal
kaluk-mev eustachian tubes the tube from the middle ear to the pharynx; equalizes air pressure on both sides of ear drum body part
rom-staya euthanasia euthanasia; mercy killing; medicine
rom-stau euthanize euthanize; to perform euthanasia medicine
muhl-olau-tal euthenics the movement devoted to improving species and breeds, especially the Vulcan species philosophy
don-katik eutrophic a lake or pond rich in minerals but poor in oxygen place
sashalotau evacuate to evacuate
sashalotaya evacuation evacuation
savlau evade evade; avoid
rikwon'es evanescence to fade from sight like a mist or smoke; to vanish (noun)
rikwon- evanescent tending to fade away; fanishing; fleeting (adjective)
rikwonik evanescent tending to fade away; fanishing; fleeting (adjective)
na-sovau evaporate change from liquid form to vapour
na-sovaya evaporation the act of evaporating; the state of being evaporated
na-sovayek evaporator a device that draws moisture from, as by heating, leaving only the dry solid portion; a device that converts or changes into a vapor tool
na-sovau-thonek evaporimeter an atmometer; a device used to measure the rate of evaporation tool
savlaya evasion avoiding of a question or duty etc. by deceit or cleverness
velaikaya evection periodic irregularity in the movement of a moon through its orbit caused by the pull of the sun
kauk even even; level (adjective) parts of speech
ruhm even even (adverb)
viyi- even even; not odd parts of speech
viyik even even; not odd parts of speech
viyi-su'us even number a number that is equally divisible by 2 math
khru evening evening time
pavek event event
pash-yel-krup event horizon area between where light can escape the gravitational pull of a black hole and where it can't astronomy
pavek-bosh eventful full of outstanding events; having an important outcome
poshaht- eventual depending on events; contingent; happening in the end; ultimate
poshahtik eventual depending on events; contingent; happening in the end; ultimate
kwon-mor- evergreen evergreen (adjective)
kwon-mor-kastik evergreen a plant having foliage that persists and remains green throughout the year plant
kwon-mor-lap evergreen a tree having foliage that persists and remains green throughout the year plant
kwon-morik evergreen having foliage that persists and remains green throughout the year (adjective) botony
kwon-mor-laptra evergreen forest forest of conifer trees place
kanok every each; individually and separately
kanok-veh everybody every person; everyone
kanok-veh everyone every person; everybody
kanok-wilat everyplace everyplace; everywhere
kanok-vei everything everything
kanok-wilat everywhere everywhere; everyplace
sakelekau evict to evict; to remove someone from their dwelling
sakelekaya eviction eviction
ek'rasah evil evil (noun) philosophy
ek'rasahkos evil evil (adjective) philosophy
sayorkunau eviscerate to disembowel someone; to remove the entrails from medicine
wakrubaya evolution an enfolding process of development science
wakrubau-zehl'es evolutionary lineage a single line of evolution; such as the concept that man (Terrans) came from the great apes science
wakrubau-tav evolutionary rate speed of evolution science
wakrubau-venek evolutionary trend evolutionary trend science
wakrubau evolve to develop by gradual changes (verb)
saseshaya evulstion tearing away of a part or new growth; forcible extraction as of teeth medicine
faika- exact characterized by, requiring, or capable of accuracy of detail; methodical; correct (adjective)
faikaik exact characterized by, requiring, or capable of accuracy of detail; methodical; correct (adjective)
faika-natilak exact differential an expression that is the total differential of some function math
faika-vo'ihn exact equation a certain kind of ordinary differential equation which is widely used in physics and engineering math
talkup-ek'tal exact science a science whose data are theoretically predictable on the basis of strict quantitative laws (e.g. physics) science
linisaya examination a set of questions or exercises evaluating skill or knowledge
linisau examine observe, check out, and look over carefully or inspect; to study; question closely; consider in detail and subject to an analysis in order to discover essential features or meaning
li-fal example an item of information that is representative of a type (anc.)
razhil-tor excavate to make a hole or cavity in; hollow or dig out
razhilan excavation the act or process of excavating
razhilek excavator a device that excavates; a steam shovel or dredging machine tool
namautau exceed to go beyond; to be or do something to a greater degree
namautauk exceeding far beyond what is usual in magnitude or degree (adjective)
marom-tor excel to distinguish oneself
marom'es excellence the quality of excelling; possessing good qualities in high degree; something in which something or some one excels
piar'ash excellence the state, quality, or condition of excelling; superiority (Fed. Travel Guide)
marom(-) excellent of the highest quality prefix
ohrom excellent of the highest quality
kaula except to prevent from being included or considered or accepted; take exception to
kaulaik excepting except for; apart from preposition
kaulauf exception a deliberate act of omission; an instance that does not conform to a rule or generalization
mau-tan excess immoderation as a consequence of going beyond sufficient or permitted limits; a quantity much larger than is needed
mauyik excessive beyond normal limits; unrestrained in especially feelings
di'kizh exchange reciprocal transfer of equivalent sums of money especially the currencies of different countries; the act of giving something in return for something received (noun) (noun)
di'kizh-tor exchange give to, and receive from, one another; hand over one and receive another, approximately equivalent (verb) (verb)
di'kizh-viskulan exchange matrix exchange matrix [no definition available] technical
di-kizh-tav exchange rate rate that determines how much one unit of money compares to another money
snesh-tor excise to remove by cutting out, as in a growth or tumor (verb) medicine
snesh excision the area of the removal of a growth (noun) medicine
tepor-yehat excitable capable of responding to stimuli; easily excited emotion
teporilau excite to arouse or elicit a feeling; to stir feelings in emotion
tepor'es excitement excitement emotion
teporek exciter exciter (elect.) emotion
teporilauk exciting exciting emotion
teporek excitor an afferent nerve exciting greater action in the part it supplies; a stimulant medicine
sporiben exclaim exclaim; shout; raise one's voice in surprise emotion
sporun exclamation exclamation emotion
dahs-krus exclave detached part of an organ medicine
dahs-krus exclave a minor portion of a county separated from the main part and lying within alien territory
sanan-tor exclude to keep from entering; to shut out as from a place or group; to bar; to refuse to notice
sananik excluding not taking into account; except preposition
sanan exclusion the act of excluding
sanan-dvatai exclusion principle the principle that two particles of a given type, such as electrons, protons, or neutrons, cannot simultaneously occupy a particular quantum state science
sananik exclusive intended for or possessed by a single individual or group; not shared
sanan'es exclusivity exclusivity (adverb)
pekh excrement excrement; waste from a body, usually feces medicine
sasnem-tor excrete to excrete something
sasnem excretion excretion
tobeg excuse excuse (noun) as in an excuse
tobeg-tor excuse to excuse (verb)
fitor execute execute; to carry out; as in to execute an action
tostau execute execute; to put to death crime
tal'shaya execution method ancient method of execution; considered merciful; pressure is applied to the neck until it is broken causing instant death (TOS Journey to Babel) crime
tostausu executioner one who executes crime
fitartausu executive relating to the putting into practical effect of plans or projects; business and work programmes, etc.
fitorsu executor/executrix one who carries plans into effect; carries out the terms of a will after the testator's death
tusok exercise exercise (noun)
pidesh exert to put forth, or put into action as strength, force, or influence; to exercise vigoursly
pideshan exertion the act of exerting some power, faculty, influence etc.; vigirous exercise; strong action or effort
wadi-foshuhl exfoliate to separate or peel on in layers, scales, flakes, etc., as in skin or bark or bone, medicine
wadi-foshuhn exfoliation the act of exfoliating; the scaling off of dead tissue medicine
sa'le-eshan exhalation the act of exhaling, breathing out; emanation of a gas or vapour; opposite to inhalation medicine
sa'le-esh-tor exhale to breathe out medicine
saguhsh exhaust the escape or discharge of waste gases (noun)
saguhsh-sovek exhaust fan a device (fan) that dispells exhaust tool
saguhsh-pa-tukh exhaust gas the waste gases in exhaust
saguhsh-wehk-vel exhaust manifold part of an engine that deals with exhaust (?) tool
saguhsh-mev exhaust pipe a pipe or other engine part through which waste gases, etc., escape or are discharged
saguhsh-tersvep exhaust port a port through which waste gases escape or are discharged
gluvau exhibit to exhibit; to show (verb)
gluvaya exhibit exhibit (noun)
sashasolau exile to exile from
sashasolausu exile exile (noun) (VLI); outcast
sashasolaya exile exile (noun) (VLI); outcast
vre'kasht exile exile/outcast (Old Vulcan)
nam-tor exist to exist; to be
kya existence existence, ultimate abstraction of object
nam existence existence
inam- existent now existing or occuring; present (adjective)
inamik existent now existing or occuring; present (adjective)
ruk-tor exit to leave; to depart (verb)
ruken exit a way or passage out; egress (noun) house
s'udish-ha-talsu exobiologist one who studies the possibility of living organisms elsewhere in the universe than on Earth/Vulcan occupation
s'udish-ha-tal exobiology the study of the possibility of living organisms elsewhere in the universe than on Earth/Vulcan science
si-sau-pi-nafek exocrine glands glands whose secretion reaches an epithelial surface either directly or through a duct; like sweat body part
nala-kaushau-khrashaya exocytosis a process of cellular secretion or excretion in which substances contained in vesicles are discharged from the cell by fusion of the vesicular membrane with the outer cell membrane biology
si-gir-tin exodermis outermost of the 3 germal layers of the embryo; also ectodermis body part
si-hinek-velek exoskeleton an external skeleton body part
si-ek'shal exosphere region of the atmosphere above the ionosphere; beginning at a height of about 400 miles meteorology
hinek-vihk exostosis a excessive bony outgrowth or tumor found on a bone or cartilage medicine
akan(-) exotic belonging to another part of the world; not native; foreign (adjective)
ritsuri(-) exotic strangly different and fascinating; unusual (adjective)
akan-koshtri exotic species belonging to another part of the world or another world; not native; foreign; alien species
pasi-hasam exotoxin a toxin formed within and excreted by an organism that is not itself toxic science
sa'le-da-nosh t'bezhun(lar) exotropia abnormal turning of one or both eyes outward medicine
si- exo~ exo~; outer(-); ecto~; extra~ prefix
sa'ovau expand to increase the range, scope, volume, size, etc (verb)
sa'ovayek expander one who expands
iraktra expanse that which lies spread out; a wide continuous area or stretch
~tra expanse mass; expanse; grouping; collection, etc. suffix
sa'ovaya expansion the act of expanding or the state of being expanded
sa'ovau-tsa expansion curve a curve the coordinates of which show the relation between the pressure and volume of expanding gas or vapor technical
sa'ovau-masu-mishu expansion engine expansion engine
sa'ovau-lesek expansion joint a joint that makes allowance for thermal expansion of the parts joined without distortion technical
sa'ovau-tuhlek expansion tank a small tank used in closed water heating systems and domestic hot water systems to absorb excess water pressure technical
sa'ovau-spunek expansion valve a cut-off valve, to shut off steam from the cylinder before the end of each stroke technical
gish expect to look for as likely to occur or appear; look forward to; anticipate
gishat expectation a looking forward to; anticipation; a thing looked forward to (VLI)
vut'la expectation a looking forward to; anticipation; a thing looked forward to
gishu expected expected (noun) as in "you were expected"
sahaisau expel expel; dismiss; to drive out by force; force out; eject
kodona expense financial cost; fee (anc.) money
kodonuhk expensive requiring or involving much expense; high cost (anc.) money
veshtau experience to have experience of; to undergo (verb)
veshtaya experience the act of living through an event or events (noun)
spolek experiment the act or operation designed to discover, test, or illustrate a truth (noun) (anc.) science
spolek-lafosh experimental error any error inherent in an experiment science
hiyasu expert expert (noun); authority in a certain area of expertise
sa'le-eshan expiration to breathe out air from the lungs medicine
yaushan expiration coming to an end; close as in a contract
sa'le-esh-tor expire to breathe out for the very last time; to die medicine
yausha expire to come to an end; to terminate
danau explain to make plain or understandable
danaya explanation the interpretation, meaning, etc. givin in explaining
ponfo mirann expletive an expetive that was not translated; swear word phrase
thorshau explode to burst nosily and violently; to cause a rapid, violent change in a chemical reaction, etc.
thorshaya explosion explosion
thorshauk explosive explosive (adjective)
thorshau-tukh explosives the items used in making an explosion weapon
ashenek exponent a person who expounds or promotes principles, methods, etc.
ashenek-gavlar exponent laws exponent laws math
eshenek-sagan exponential distribution exponential distribution math
ashenek-kek exponential function exponential function math
ashenek-to'ovaya exponential growth growth at an alarming rate, based on a mathematical formula math
ashenek-ketilaya exponential integration exponential integration math
ashenek-weizehl exponential series exponential series math
sashavau expose to lay open; to leave unprotected; allow to be seen; reveal; display
ko'nar exposed feeling of being completely exposed
sashavaya exposure act of being exposed (noun)
sashavau-fim exposure dose exposure dose medicine
sashavau-thonek exposure meter a device that measures exposure to something tool
sashavau-tala exposure valve exposure valve
sagluvau express express; display; show (verb) emotion
satiben express express; utter; say; to express oneself (verb) emotion
sagluvaya expression expression; facial display emotion
satun expression expression; utterance emotion
sahaisaya expulsion the act of expelling; forcible ejection; the state or fact of being expelled
ek'enem-tor expunge to strike out (something written); delete; to get rid of as if by erasing; wipe out (VLI)
khash expunge to strike out (something written); delete; to get rid of as if by erasing; wipe out
kr'Kash'te expunging legislative group this group only exists to veto or remove laws; easiest to drive a change of laws through this group government
ek'khafau exsanguinate to deprive of blood; bloodless; to bleed out all of your blood medicine
ek'khafaya exsanguination the process of expressing blood (bleeding) from a part medicine
psethau exsiccate the act of drying up; removing all moisture from a solution medicine
i'hatik extant still existing; not lost or destroyed; surviving
rikoplan- extemporaneous uttered, performed, or composed with little or no advance preparation; made with anything available (adj)
rikoplanik extemporaneous uttered, performed, or composed with little or no advance preparation; made with anything available (adj)
sadvun-tor extend to open or stretch out to full length
sadvun-tukh extender chemical term science
sadvun-vel extender a device that extends something tool
sadvun-yehat extensible capable of being extended
sadvunan extension the act of being extended
tinga-rub-thonek extensometer a micrometer used for measuring the expansion of a body, as of a bar of metal tool
sadvun extent the dimension, degree, or limit to which anything is extended; size within given bounds
si- exterior of, pertaining to, or situated on the outside (adjective)
sik exterior of, pertaining to, or situated on the outside (adjective)
sin exterior that which is outside (noun)
si-vulu exterior angle any of 4 angles formed on the outside of 2 straight lines by a straight line cutting across them math
ek'stau exterminate to destroy living things entirely; to wipe out of existence; annihilate
ek'staya extermination the act of exterminating; annihilation
si- external of, pertaining to, or situated on the outside; outer; exterior (adjective)
sik external of, pertaining to, or situated on the outside; outer; exterior (adjective)
sikaya externalization the act of being external (noun)`
sikau externalize to give external shape to; to make external (verb)
ek'tevik extinct no longer existing; extinguished; inactive; quenched; having no living successors
ek'tevan extinction the process of becoming extinct; annihilation; a dying out; extinguishing; a putting out
sayonotau extinguish to put out or quench; to make extinct; wipe out
sayonotayek extinguisher one who, or that which extinguishes; e.g. a fire extinguisher house
ek'snesh-tor extirpate to root out or up; destroy wholly; exterminate
ek-snesh extirpation the act of rooting out; destroying wholly
hayaik extra extra; additional (adjective)
weht(-) extra extra; more (adjective)
si-nala- extracellular outside of the cell (adjective) medicine
si-nalaik extracellular outside of the cell (adjective) medicine
si-toltra- extrachromosomal outside of the chromosome (adjective) medicine
si-toltraik extrachromosomal outside of the chromosome (adjective) medicine
si-vukhut- extracorporeal outside of the body (adjective) medicine
si-vukhutik extracorporeal outside of the body (adjective) medicine
si-grat- extracranial outside of the cranium or skull (adjective) medicine
si-gratik extracranial outside of the cranium or skull (adjective) medicine
saseshak extract a preparation containing the essence of a substnace in concentrated form (noun)
saseshau extract to draw or pull out by force; to deduce; to draw out or formulate (a principle, doctrine) (verb)
saseshaya extraction the act of extracting or the state of being extracted
saseshayek extractor one who extracts
tosatanau extradite to deliver up (a criminal) to the jurisdiction of some other state, country, etc. crime
tosatanaya extradition the surrender of a criminal by one state to the jurisdiction of another crime
si-yel-halekik extragalactic situated outside of the galaxy astronomy
si-to-gavik extralegal situated outside of the law crime
si-kun-utik extramarital situated outside of the marriage marriage
ribolaya- extraneous coming from without; foreign; unrelated to the matter at hand; not germane (adjective)
ribolayaik extraneous coming from without; foreign; unrelated to the matter at hand; not germane (adjective)
bezhun-task-dvunek extraocular muscle a muscle that is outside of the eye body part
wehtsuri(-) extraordinary being beyond or out of the common order, course, or method; far exceeding the usual
sakunotau extrapolate to project on the basis of values that have already been determined ; to infer beyond the evidence
sakunotaya extrapolation the act of extrapolating
si-kash-ralik pakashogaya extrasensory perception (ESP) powers of perception of external objects or events not directly accessible to any of the sense organs medicine
si-ek'tra- extraterrestrial from outside of the planet; alien; not of this world (adjective) species
si-ek'traik extraterrestrial from outside of the planet; alien; not of this world (adjective) species
si-terra- extraterrestrial from outside of the planet; alien; not of this world (adjective) species
si-terrupik extraterrestrial from outside of the planet; alien; not of this world (adjective) species
si-tsokal- extraterritorial exempt from local territorial jurisdictions; rights of an Ambassador; outside of the national territory (adj)
si-tsokalik extraterritorial exempt from local territorial jurisdictions; rights of an Ambassador; outside of the national territory (adj)
si-sudef- extrauterine situated or occuring outside of the uterus as a pregnancy (adjective) medicine
si-sudefik extrauterine situated or occuring outside of the uterus as a pregnancy (adjective) medicine
madon'es extravagance wasteful expenditure of money; extreme lack of moderation in behaviour or speech money
madon- extravagant overly lavish in expenditure; wasteful; exceeding reasonable limits (adjective) money
madonik extravagant overly lavish in expenditure; wasteful; exceeding reasonable limits (adjective) money
si-mev-tasau extravasate to cause or allow the escape of blood from the proper vessels; to pour forth (lava) from a vent medicine
si-mev-tasaya extravasation the escape of fluids (blood, lymph, serum) into the surrounding tissue. medicine
si-mev- extravascular outside a vessel (adjective) medicine
si-mevik extravascular outside a vessel (adjective) medicine
si-hali-torai extravehicular activity (EVA) a space walk; a walk outside the spacecraft science
si- extra~ exo~; outer(-); ecto~; extra~ prefix
mair- extreme being of the highest degree; exceedingly great or severe (adjective) emotion
mairik extreme being of the highest degree; exceedingly great or severe (adjective)
mair-pid-vakav'es (MPV) extremely high frequency (EHF) extremely high frequency (EHF) science
mair-neik-vakav'es (MNV) extremely low frequency (ELF) extremely low frequency (ELF) science
si-vukhut-krus extremity a limb; arm, or leg body part
hishidorau extrude to force, push out of a normal position or situation
hishidoraya extrusion the act of pushing out, or forcing out; act of extruding
hishid-kov extrusive rock outflows of igneous rock; outflows of lava hardened geology
sadvunek extsensor a muscle that extends a body part (away from the body) body part
mabuhl'es exuberance abundance of high spirits, health, growth, etc.; quality of being exuberant emotion
mabuhl- exuberant abounding in high spirits, vitality; full of joy and vigor; overflowing lavish (adjective) emotion
mabuhlik exuberant abounding in high spirits, vitality; full of joy and vigor; overflowing lavish (adjective) emotion
stan-tukh exudate exuded matter medicine
stan exudation the act of exuding; that which is exuded as in sweat medicine
stan-tor exude to ooze or trickle forth through pores or gashes (sweat, gum, etc); to discharge gradually in this manner medicine
saweinaya exuviation the act of casting off a skin or shed a skin, shell, etc. medicine
sa~ ex~ ex~; outward(-); from out of; away from (combining form) prefix
ak eye eye [body part] body part
bezhun eye eye [body part] (VLI) body part
bezhun eye the organ of vision in animals (noun) body part
nikh eye eye [body part] body part
da'ni'i'khirch eye of fire eye of fire philosophy
T'Rukhemai eye of the watcher small moon that orbits Vulcan's sister planet T'Kuht (or T'Khut) planet
bezhun(-kal) eyeball eyeball [body part] body part
bezhun(-kal) eyeball the organ of vision in animals (noun) body part
pakuv-terk eyebolt a bolt having, instead of a head, an eye or ring to receive a rope, hook, etc. tool
bezhun-zehl eyebrow the bony ridge over the eyes; the arch of small hairs growing on this ridge body part
bezhun-thekek eyedropper device that allows you to safely administer eyedrops tool
(bezhun-)zaneshu eyeglasses a pair of corrective lenses mounted in a frame and held in position in front of the eyes medicine
zan-sharu eyehole an opening through which to pass a pin, hook, etc.; a hole through which one may look
bezhun-isach eyelash one of the stiff, curved hairs growing from the edge of the eyelids body part
pi'sharu eyelet a small hole or opening is in a wall mask; a hole made in leather or canvas lined with metal clothing
tvi-bezhun-wein eyelid, inner the inner or nictating membrane covering the Vulcan eye to protect the eye from sun or sand body part
weh-ne-bezhun-wein eyelid, lower lower of two folds of skin and muscle that can be closed over the exposed portion of the eyeball body part
si-bezhun-wein eyelid, outer the moveable folds of skin by which the eyes are opened or shut body part
weh-abru-bezhun-wein eyelid, upper upper of two folds of skin and muscle that can be closed over the exposed portion of the eyeball body part
zan-krus eyepiece the lens or combination of lenses nearest the eye in a telescope, microscope, etc. tool
bezhun-pi'fek eyestalk a stalk or peduncle that has an eye at its tip, as in lobsters and crabs body part
bezhun-his eyestrain weariness or discomfort of the eye caused by excessive or improper use medicine
toglantausu eyewitness one who has seen something happen and can give testimony about it (noun) crime

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