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ash'ya-dukal soccer a game played on a rectangular field with net goals at either end in which two teams of 11 players each try to drive a ball into the other's goal by kicking, heading, or using any part of the body except the arms and hands sport
astreilyuh-dukal-torvukh Australian rules football is a sport played between two teams of eighteen players on the field of either an Australian football ground, a modified cricket field, or a similarly sized sports venue. The main way to score points is by kicking the ball between the two tall goal posts. The team with the higher total score at the end of the match wins sport
dahik rahket-dukal-torvukh doubles tennis a game in which four people use rackets to hit a ball across a net. A player scores a point when their opponent cannot hit the ball back. Tennis is played on a tennis court sport
hors-dukal-torvukh polo a game played by two teams riding polo ponies (horses). They get points by hitting a small ball into a particular area using a polo stick (a wooden hammer with a long handle) sport
izh-haltan skiing the act of traveling or gliding on skis, especially as a sport sport
ki'haf-dukal basketball a game played between two teams of five players each, the object being to throw a ball through an elevated basket on the opponent's side of a rectangular court sport
kiunel-dah-halekan mountain biking riding on a bicycle with a sturdy frame and fat tires; originally designed for riding in mountainous country sport
kov-manan rock-climbing; mountain-climbing the sport or activity of climbing sheer rock faces or mountains, especially by means of specialized techniques and equipment sport
kunel-izh-haltan alpine skiing a sport involving skiing downhill as opposed to cross-country skiing sport
le-suma-haki ice hockey a game played on ice by two teams of six players. The players use long sticks to try to hit a small round flat object called a puck into the opposite teamÍs goal sport
le-suma-vriteklar ice skates skate consisting of a boot with a steel blade fitted to the sole sport
messolektra-izh-haltan cross-country skiing the sport of skiing across the countryside (rather than downhill) sport
mos-dukal-torvukh softball a game similar to baseball but played on a smaller field and with a larger softer ball sport
nen-dukal baseball a game played with a bat and ball by two opposing teams of nine players, each team playing alternately in the field and at bat, the players at bat having to run a course of four bases laid out in a diamond pattern in order to score sport
ozh-dukal-pukan boxing the act of fighting with the fists or in a boxing match sport
pasu-dukal-torvukh pool or billiards a game played on a special table in which two people use cues (long sticks) to hit balls into pockets (holes) at the edge of the table sport
pi'fel-dukal-torvukh table tennis or ping pong a game (trade name Ping-Pong) resembling tennis but played on a table with paddles and a light hollow ball sport
shifik rahket-dukal-torvukh singles tennis a game in which two people use rackets to hit a ball across a net. A player scores a point when their opponent cannot hit the ball back. Tennis is played on a tennis court. sport
terai-dukal-torvukh American-style football a game in which two teams of eleven players run with, throw, or kick an oval ball to the end of a field to score sport
tuh-dukal-torvukh rugby a game similar to football played by two teams of players. Goals are scored by kicking the ball over a high bar, and points called tries are scored by putting the ball behind the goal line sport
vis-dukal-torvukh volleyball a sport in which two teams use only their hands and arms to hit a ball to each other over a high net, trying to prevent the ball from touching the ground on their side sport
vis-fek-torvukh lacrosse a game in which two teams throw and catch a ball using long sticks with nets at the end, and try to score goals sport
vish-peh-nath ancient wrestling the ancient sport similar to sumo wrestling sport
vo'ek-pukan wrestling a sport in which two competitors attempt to throw or immobilize each other by grappling sport
yar-haki grass or field hockey hockey played on a field; two opposing teams use curved sticks to drive a ball into the opponents' net sport

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