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dungau gla-tor nash-veh I shall see I shall see… sentence
dungau-sarlah nash-veh I shall come I shall come sentence
dungi gla-tor nash-veh I will see I will see… sentence
dungi ki'gla-tor nash-veh I will have seen I will have seen… sentence
dungi ki'sarlah nash-veh I will have come I will have come… sentence
dungi kup gla-tor nash-veh I will be able to see I will be able to see… sentence
dungi kup-sarlah nash-veh I will be able to come I will be able to come… sentence
dungi-sarlah nash-veh I will come I will come… sentence
gla-tor au they see they see sentence
gla-tor du you see you being singular sentence
gla-tor dular you see you being plural sentence
gla-tor etek we see we see sentence
gla-tor ish-veh he/she/it sees literally "sees that one" sentence
gla-tor nash-veh I see literally, "sees this one" sentence
ki'gla-tor nash-veh I have seen I have seen… sentence
ki'sarlah nash-veh I have come I have come… sentence
kup gla-tor nash-veh I am able to see I am able to see… sentence
kup-sarlah nash-veh I am able to come I am able to come… sentence
kupi gla-tor nash-veh I could see I could see… sentence
kupi ki'gla-tor nash-veh I could have seen I could have seen… sentence
kupi ki'sarlah nash-veh I could have come I could have come… sentence
kupi-sarlah nash-veh I could come I could come… sentence
na'lof in order to a conjunction; in order to (verb phrase) [] sentence
sarlah au they come they come sentence
sarlah du you come you being singular sentence
sarlah dular you come you being plural sentence
sarlah etek we come we come sentence
sarlah ish-veh he/she/it comes he/she/it comes sentence
sarlah nash-veh I come I come sentence
Spock kreylaong plomikong spacura Spock eats Vulcan biscuits and plomik soup Spock kreylaong plomikong spacura. (Spock eats Vulcan biscuits and plomik soup.) sentence
ta that that; a conjunction; can accept prefixes (temporal etc.) [] sentence
vesht dungi ki'gla-tor nash-veh I would have seen I would have seen… sentence
vesht dungi ki'sarlah nash-veh I would have come I would have come… sentence
vesht gla-tor nash-veh I saw I saw… sentence
vesht kup gla-tor nash-veh I was able to see I was able to see… sentence
vesht kup-sarlah nash-veh I was able to come I was able to come… sentence
vesht sarlah nash-veh I came I came… sentence
zhit-shaya syllable a word or a part of a word that has only one vowel sound [VLI] sentence

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