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(masu-)ha'zehl-kel lighthouse a tall structure topped by a powerful light used as a beacon or signal to aid marine navigation place
(masutraik) le-suma-vel iceberg a massive floating body of ice broken away from a glacier - only about 10% of its mass is above the surface of the water place
a'thetsh bay a body of water partially enclosed by land but with a wide mouth, affording access to the sea (Marketa) place
abrash-eiktra floodplain a plain bordering a river and subject to flooding place
abrash-mashyut floodway a channel for an overflow of water caused by flooding place
abrash-masu floodwater(s) the water of a flood, often used in the plural place
aikum moon a natural satellite revolving around a planet place
alem-flash mangrove swamp a forest of several tropical evergreen trees or shrubs having stiltlike roots and stems and forming dense thickets along tidal shores place
alem-flash-laptra mangrove forest a forest of several tropical evergreen trees or shrubs having stiltlike roots and stems and forming dense thickets place
alem-masu-kastra salt marsh low coastal grassland frequently overflowed by the tide place
alem-suk'muzh salt lake a landlocked body of water that has become salty through evaporation place
Amorak sacred temple a sacred temple on Vulcan (source: Hunters by Jeri Taylor) place
Ara'Kahr Ara'Kahr a particular Vulcan city place
aushfa-kel barn a large farm building used for storing farm products and sheltering livestock place
bah-ker garden a plot of land used for the cultivation of flowers, vegetables, herbs, or fruit (anc.) place
be-gefik neritic of, relating to, or inhabiting the ocean waters between the low tide mark and a depth of about a hundred fathoms (200 meters) place
brag crypt a cellar or vault or underground burial chamber (especially beneath a church); tomb place
braq tomb a place for the burial of a corpse (especially beneath the ground and marked by a tombstone) place
D'H'riset Sarek's estate the estate belonging to Sarek and Amanda; located on the outskirts of Shi'kahr; the compound is surrounded by a wall; there is an ornate fountain in the middle of the compound; Sarek and Amanda have lived there since 2235 (source: Orion Press Lexicon) place
dah-stonn-pi'sef (t'shahov) beach cusp beach cusp (no definition available) place
Dahhanakahr city on Vulcan a city on Vulcan some distance from Shi'kahr (source: Orion Press Lexicon) place
dahs-da-kuv equator equator place
dakharau-shal helm the station where one steers a ship, especially where the the tiller or wheel is located place
dan-pid-sfek summit the highest point or part; the top; the highest level or degree that can be attained place
dewk'a country the territory occupied by a nation; a particular geographical region of indefinite boundary (usually serving some special purpose or distinguished by its people or culture or geography) place
Dh'Reth the place of healing souls a Vulcan monastery; it's name means "the place of healing souls"; those who are in the care of Vulcan healers or Vulcan masters often reside here; located near Shi'kahr and Vulcan Space Central (source: Orion Press Lexicon) place
don-katik eutrophic a lake or pond rich in minerals but poor in oxygen place
dvun-le-sumatra glacier a huge mass of ice slowly flowing over a land mass, formed from compacted snow in an area where snow accumulation exceeds melting and sublimation place
dvun-zehl fault (geology) a break in the continuity of rock strata or veins of ore, caused by movements in the planet's crust (geol) place
e'tsis city town/city/metropolitan area place
eglus religious shrine religious shrine (anc.) place
eik-te'kru empire empire place
ek'kovtra continent one of the large landmasses of the earth; large land mass place
ek'tal-zup-shal laboratory a room or building equipped for scientific experimentation or research; a place where drugs and chemicals are manufactured place
eku-svitan locus a center or focus of great activity or intense concentration; a locality; a place place
elat knob a prominent rounded hill or mountain place
elk-morik set-mor-laptra deciduous summer forest a forest consisting primarily of deciduous trees, leafing out in the spring time place
eshikh desert a region so arid because of little rainfall that it supports only sparse and widely spaced vegetation or no vegetation at all; any area in which few forms of life can exist because of lack of water, permanent frost, or absence of soil place
fa-lan-tol foredeck the forward part of the deck of a ship, usually the main deck place
fal-pa-razh fumarole a hole in a volcanic area from which hot smoke and gases escape place
fal-vrel-yumaya lahar a landslide or mudflow of volcanic fragments on the flanks of a volcano; the deposit produced by such a landslide place
falu-masu-laptra tropical rain forest a dense evergreen forest occupying a tropical region with an annual rainfall of at least 2.5 meters (100 inches); usually found in the tropics place
falu-suk'kunel-laptra tropical montane forest tropical montane (plants growing or living in mountainous regions) forest forest place
falu-yonuk-laptra tropical seasonal forest tropical seasonal forest [no definition available] place
fau-yut road an open, generally public way for the passage of vehicles, people, and animals; the surface of a road; a roadbed place
fisolekau-sutauk landing bay a place where shuttles can land and are hangered on a ship place
flash swamp a seasonally flooded bottomland with more woody plants than a marsh and better drainage than a bog (noun) place
flasikh bog an area having a wet, spongy, acidic substrate composed chiefly of sphagnum moss and peat in which characteristic shrubs and herbs and sometimes trees usually grow place
gef coast the shore of a sea or ocean (noun) place
gef shore the land along the edge of an ocean, sea, lake, or river; a coast place
gef-glu'es littoral (system) of or on a shore, especially a seashore place
gef-mazhiv-zehl offshore bar a narrow, elongate, coarse-textured ridge that once rose near to a glacial lake and extended generally parallel to the shore place
gef-zehl shoreline the edge of a body of water place
gir-shal rhizosphere the soil zone that surrounds and is influenced by the roots of plants place
glu-masu-tin t'suk'muzh hypolimnion the layer of water in a thermally stratified lake that lies below the thermocline, is noncirculating, and remains perpetually cold place
glu-treshaya crevasse a deep fissure place
gosh abyss an immeasurably deep chasm, depth, or void; the primeval chaos out of which it was believed that the earth and sky were formed place
ha-rau-nol refugium an area that has escaped ecological changes occurring elsewhere and so provides a suitable habitat for relict species place
ha-shal apartment a room or suite of rooms designed as a residence and generally located in a building occupied by more than one household place
hal-tukhau-tersvep refueling port a place where starships can replenish their fuel supplies place
halovau-tvi'haf travel pod a small ship, usually on board another, larger vessel, for one- or two-man, short journeys; small shuttlecraft place
has-sutauk sickbay the hospital and dispensary of a ship; the place where the sick or injured are treated on board a vessel place
heya mountain a natural elevation of the earth's surface having considerable mass, generally steep sides, and a height greater than that of a hill [Spock's World] (anc.) place
Hills of Kerak Hills of Kerak a landform on Vulcan between the TsaiKal valley and the Sas-a-Shar desert (Orion Press Lexicon) place
ifisek-math transporter pad the pad where a person or object stands, ready for transport place
ifisek-skaf transporter platform the raised part of a transporter room that houses the transporter pads place
ifisek-tvi-shal transporter room a room that typically consists of an operator console, a transporter platform and an overhead molecular imaging scanner, primary energizing coils and phase transition coils place
igen sky the expanse of air over any given point on the earth; the upper atmosphere as seen from the earth's surface place
ir-zehl horizon the apparent intersection of the earth and sky as seen by an observer, also called apparent horizon place
ith'du camp a place where tents, huts, or other temporary shelters are set up, as by soldiers, nomads, or travelers place
Jia'anKahr Jia'anKahr a city on Vulcan that contains catacombs [ENT To Brave the Storm] place
kahr city city (VLI); collection of dwellings place
kahr town an population center that is larger than a village and smaller than a city; a territorial and political unit governed by a town meeting place
khek'tik canal an artificial waterway or artificially improved river used for travel, shipping, or irrigation (Marketa) place
kifau-svep docking port used on the hull of a starship to allow the crew access between their ship and another vessel place
kil'av'o community a group of people living in the same locality and under the same government (Marketa?) place
klehp fjord a long, narrow, deep inlet of the sea between steep slopes place
klomak fortress a fortified place, especially a large, permanent military stronghold that often includes a town (anc.) place
kov-guhsh s'dvun-le-suma moraine an accumulation of boulders, stones, or other debris carried and deposited by a glacier place
kov-skish landslide - rock only fall or slide of a large mass of rock, down a mountainside; a rock avalanche place
krusat sector a division of a defensive position for which one military unit is responsible place
ku-li valley an elongated lowland between ranges of mountains, hills, or other uplands, often having a river or stream running along the bottom place
kunel-maat mountain chain a series of hills or mountains place
kunel-travek mountain system a group of mountain ranges exhibiting certain unifying features and presumably originating from the same general causes place
kunel-zehl mountain range a single, large mass consisting of a succession of mountains or narrowly spaced mountain ridges place
kvath-pohshau-svitan auxillary fire control (room) auxillary fire control (room) [no definition available] place
kvath-tash-svitan auxillary control room an auxilliary bridge whereby the ship can be controlled; a backup starship control facility place
kwon-mor-laptra evergreen forest forest of conifer trees place
kwul-razh crater impact crater; the approximately circular depression in the surface of a planet, moon or other solid body in the Solar System, formed by the hyper-velocity impact of a smaller body with the surface place
lap-bah-ker orchard an area of land devoted to the cultivation of fruit or nut trees place
lap-shal woodland land having a cover of trees and shrubs place
laptra forest a dense growth of trees, plants, and underbrush covering a large area place
lates walk a place, such as a sidewalk or promenade, on which one may walk; a path (noun) (anc.) (VLI) place
lates-mseut footbridge a bridge designed for pedestrians place
lates-yut footpath a path with a hard surface by the side of a road, or a track, esp. in the countryside, for walking on place
le-suma-eiktra ice shelf an extension of glacial ice into coastal waters that is in contact with the bottom near the shore but not toward the outer edge of the shelf place
le-suma-marshak floe, ice a flat expanse of floating ice smaller than an ice field place
le-suma-marshak ice floe a flat expanse of floating ice smaller than an ice field place
le-suma-teraya pack ice floating ice that has been driven together into a single mass place
leip-kel bakery a workplace where baked goods (breads and cakes and pastries) are produced or sold place
mahr-kel store (shop) a place where merchandise is offered for sale; a shop place
malat-lap-shal natural woodland a woodland that is not artificially produced or planted; a woodland occuring naturally in the area place
map fen marsh, bog place
mashen-shahov-shal littoral (area) a coastal region; a shore; the region or zone between the limits of high and low tides place
masu-ha'gel-shal euphotic zone pertaining to the upper portion of a body of water that receives enough light for photosynthesis place
masu-kastra marsh an area of soft, wet, low-lying land, characterized by grassy vegetation and often forming a transition zone between water and land place
masu-yut canal an artificial waterway or artificially improved river used for travel, shipping, or irrigation (VLI) place
masu-yut waterway a navigable body of water, such as a river, channel, or canal place
masutra ocean the entire body of salt water that covers more than 70 percent of the Earth's surface (Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, and Antarctic) place
masutra sea a relatively large body of salt water completely or partially enclosed by land having tides place
masutra-muzh lagoon a shallow body of water, especially one separated from a sea by sandbars or coral reefs place
masutra-pa'ash-kunel guyot a flat-topped submarine mountain place
masutra-riflash estuary wide mouth of a river where the tide meets the current; inlet or arm of a sea place
maz-izh névé the upper part of a glacier where the snow turns into ice; a snow field at the head of a glacier place
mes-tvi-temok transverse bulkhead a bulkhead that extends or lies across; in a crosswise direction; at right angles to the long axis place
mev duct an often enclosed passage or channel for conveying a substance, especially a liquid or gas (noun) place
Mount Tarhana Mount Tarhana a volcano located on Vulcan [ENT To Brave the Storm] place
Mt. Trenaya infant mountain a mountain that is connected to Mt. Seleya by a thin stone bridge; has the shape of a slender spire place
muzh pond a still body of water smaller than a lake place
ne'rak-masu groundwater water within the earth that supplies wells and springs place
ne'ti-hoknaya shoal a sandy elevation of the bottom of a body of water, constituting a hazard to navigation; a sandbank or sandbar place
ne-hal-mazhiv quicksand a bed of loose sand mixed with water forming a soft shifting mass that tends to engulf any object resting on its surface place
ne-stukh subspace a domain outside the normal three-dimensional space, rather than another dimension; a continuum that exists in conjunction with our own space-time continuum; every point in our universe has a corresponding point in subspace place
ne-tin-sovek alluvial fan a fan-shaped accumulation of alluvium deposited at the mouth of a ravine or at the juncture of a tributary stream with the main stream place
ne-yartra meadow a tract of grassland, either in its natural state or used as pasture or for growing hay place
neik-vikuvtra key piece of land that juts out into the ocean place
nen-kunellar foothills hilly land on the lower slopes of mountains place
nen-mish-sutauk main engineering control center for propulsion, energy distribution, sensor, navigation, environmental and other ship systems, usually located next to the warp core place
nen-shu-pal fountainhead a spring that is the source or head of a stream; a chief and copious source; an originator place
nen-tash-svitan main bridge control center of a starship, usually located atop the saucer hull of Federation ships; term is used to distinguish it from the battle bridge place
nen-thro-svep t'thro-yut main gangway hatch main large hatch allowing personnel to board or disembark a starship when it is in drydock or docked with a space station place
ni'hin bar a counter where you can obtain food or drink; a tavern place
nu'ri-masu-laptra jungle land densely overgrown with tropical vegetation; a dense thicket or growth place
nu'ri-masu-laptra subclimax tropical rain forest subclimax tropical rain forest [no definition available] place
pa'ash-fiktra mesa a broad, flat-topped elevation with one or more clifflike sides place
pa'ash-flasikh blanket bog a wide peat bog; a peat bog covering a wide area place
pa-tukh-kebitra gasworks a factory where gas for heating and lighting is produced place
pamashok dike a barrier constructed to contain the flow of water or to keep out the sea; a levee place
pamashok levee an embankment raised to prevent a river from overflowing; a small ridge or raised area bordering an irrigated field place
panu world the planet you are currently on; the universe; the planet with its inhabitants place
pi'kahr village a small group of dwellings in a rural area, usually ranking in size between a hamlet and a town place
pi'laptra copse a dense growth of bushes place
pi'laptra grove a small wood or stand of trees lacking dense undergrowth; a group of trees planted and cultivated for the production of fruit or nuts place
pi'tchef eddy whirlpool (noun) place
pi-kunel knoll a small rounded hill or mound; a hillock place
pid-desh'rak-laptra Boreal forest a northern subarctic and humid biogeographic region in which the main plant life is coniferous larches, spruces, pines and firs, which are adapted to the cold climate place
pid-desh'rak-shal Boreal zone designating or pertaining to a terrestrial division consisting of the northern and mountainous parts of both the Old and the New World place
pid-eiktra high plain an alpine meadow place
pid-shal(tra) highland(s) a mountainous or hilly section of a country place
pseth-pilashik ku-li dry valley dry valley place
reh-bikuv-sutauk holodeck the place where one interacts with holograms for entertainment/educational purposes place
rilik pilash intermittent stream a stream that normally flows for at least thirty (30) days after the last major rain of the season and is dry a large part of the year place
rish-folau-tuhlek intermix chamber chamber that contains the matter/antimatter reaction that supplies power to the warp drive and other main systems place
rish-lap-shal mixed woodland land that is covered with a mixture of different trees and shrubs place
s'udish outside the part or parts that face out; the outer surface; the part or side of an object that is presented to the viewer; the external aspect place
sagef- offshore located at a distance from the shore; moving or directed away from the shore; located or based in a foreign country and not subject to tax laws place
sagefik offshore located at a distance from the shore; moving or directed away from the shore; located or based in a foreign country and not subject to tax laws place
samek-psethtra tundra a treeless area between the icecap and the tree line of Arctic regions, having a permanently frozen subsoil and supporting low-growing vegetation such as lichens, mosses, and stunted shrubs` place
sashila colony a body of people who settle far from home but maintain ties with their homeland; inhabitants remain nationals of their home state but are not literally under the home state's system of government place
sayumak fountain a spring, especially the source of a stream place
sayumak spring a small stream of water flowing naturally from the earth place
sazasfek crest the top point of a mountain or hill place
sef dune dune; a hill of loose sand heaped up by the wind place
shahov beach the shore of a body of water, especially when sandy or pebbly; the sand or pebbles on a shore place
shal zone an area or a region distinguished from adjacent parts by a distinctive feature or characteristic place
Shari'Kahr Shari'Kahr a particular Vulcan city place
shashol nation a relatively large group of people organized under a single, usually independent government; a country place
shasol country the territory occupied by a nation; a particular geographical region of indefinite boundary (usually serving some special purpose or distinguished by its people or culture or geography) (VLI) (anc.) place
shasol land a nation; a country (noun) place
shi location a place where something is or could be located; a site; the site away from a studio at which part or all of a movie is shot place
shi place an area with definite or indefinite boundaries; a portion of space (noun) place
shi site the place where a structure or group of structures was, is, or is to be located; the place or setting of something place
shi'aushfa zoo a park or an institution in which living animals are kept and usually exhibited to the public place
shi'dunap library a place in which literary and artistic materials, such as books, periodicals, newspapers etc. kept for reading, reference, or lending place
shi'kwai wilderness an unsettled, uncultivated region left in its natural condition; a wild tract of land covered with dense vegetation or forests place
shi'masu oasis a fertile or green spot in a desert or wasteland, made so by the presence of water place
shi'oren school an institution for the instruction of children or people under college age; an institution for instruction in a skill or business (noun) place
shi'sochya park more general term for a large area of land preserved in its natural state as public property (noun) place
shi'vukhut grave an excavation for the interment of a corpse; place of burial (noun) place
shi'yar park Earth-style park (noun) place
shi'yel-gluvekh planetarium a place where you can project images of celestial bodies and other astronomical phenomena onto the inner surface of a hemispherical dome place
shi'yon mountain a natural elevation of the earth's surface having considerable mass, generally steep sides, and a height greater than that of a hill place
shila community a group of people living in the same locality and under the same government place
shom-sfek resting place a rest-stop; designated paved area beside a main road where cars can stop temporarily [] place
skonn surface the outer or the topmost boundary of an object; a material layer constituting such a boundary (noun) place
skrash-tukh eluvium deposit of soil/dust particles remaining where they were formed by the decomposion of rock masses place
slor-masutik freshwater of relating to, living in, or consisting of water that is not salty; situated away from the sea; inland (adj) place
solai field a broad, level, open expanse of land; meadow, etc (noun) place
solek-skish landslide - rock and soil the downward sliding of a relatively dry mass of earth and rock place
solektra land the solid ground of the Earth; ground (noun) place
solektra-naf isthmus a narrow strip of land connecting two larger masses of land place
sov-masu-laptra rain forest a forest with a heavy annual rainfall place
spis dip dip; depression (noun) place
spusau-sutauk launch bay the area where shuttles are launched from the ship place
su-mes crosswalk a path (often marked) where something (as a street or railroad) can be crossed to get from one side to the other place
suk'kunel mountain a natural elevation of the earth's surface having considerable mass, generally steep sides, and a height greater than that of a hill place
suk'kunel-laptra montane forest a forest growing in, or inhabiting mountain areas place
suk'kunel-shal montane zone of growing in, or inhabiting mountain areas place
suk'muzh lake a body of (usually fresh) water surrounded by land place
suk'tchol gulf a large area of a sea or ocean partially enclosed by land, especially a long landlocked portion of sea opening through a strait place
T'Klass' Pillar T'Klass' Pillar a rocky formation near to Surak's Peak [ENT To Brave the Storm] place
T'lingShar T'lingShar a city on Vulcan (Dwellers in the Crucible) place
ta'Valsh ta'Valsh a cith on Vulcan (The Romulan Way) place
tanaf-shi'gluvaun gallery a place that displays artworks place
tchol bay a body of water partially enclosed by land but with a wide mouth, affording access to the sea (VLI) (noun) place
tekeh tekeh a geographical area on Vulcan (Spock's World) place
tepul-torvayek power plant a complex of structures, machinery, and associated equipment for generating electric energy from another source of energy place
Thanar sea name of Vulcan's eastern sea place
thorsh-razh crater a bowl-shaped depression formed by the impact of a meteorite or bomb; a bowl-shaped opening at the top of a volcano place
thro-mev t'Dzhefris Jeffries tube a corridor that carries power, data, and communications circuitry while providing access to significant areas of a starship place
thro-yut gangway a passage along either side of a ship's upper deck; an opening in the bulwark of a ship through which passengers may board place
trasha-temep departure gate gate where passengers embark place
treshaya crevice a long narrow depression in a surface; a long narrow opening place
tsokal territory an area of land; a region; the land and waters under the jurisdiction of a government place
tsorayek storage compartment a space for storing goods place
tuhs-yut crossroad a junction where one street or road crosses another place
tuhs-yut crossroads a place where one road crosses another; a point during the development of something when you have to make an important decision about what to do next [] place
tum-vel-sutauk t'mish-shal engineering computer bay the bay where the engineering computer is located place
tusla-sutauk cargo bay section of a starship which is used for storage of various cargo; can can be accessed through docking ports or by cargo transporters place
tusla-tsorau-keltra cargo storage complex a large complex for storing shipbound cargo place
tusla-tsorau-shal cargo hold on a ship, a hold is below the orlop deck, the lower part of the interior of a ship's hull, especially when considered as storage space, as for cargo place
tusla-tus-tol cargo loading floor cargo loading floor [no definition available] place
tvi-stukh interstice a space, especially a small or narrow one, between things or parts; place
tvimesaya intersection a place where things intersect, especially a place where two or more roads cross; the act, process, or result of intersecting place
ur tunnel an underground or underwater passage; a passage through or under a barrier (noun) place
uroshal farm a tract of land forming a single property and devoted to agriculture(noun) place
urozh-solektra farmland the property where one farms place
va'ash-da-nelek recycling plant a plant for reprocessing used or abandoned materials place
va'ash-da-nelek t'guhsh-masu wastewater recycling plant a plant that cleans and purifies wastewater to return it to the system place
van-kebitra t'dah-pim-tukh dilithium mining facility dilithium mining facility place
van-razh mineshaft a vertical or sloping passageway made in the earth for finding or mining ore and ventilating underground excavations place
van-tor mine to extract (ore or minerals) from the earth (verb) place
vik well a deep hole or shaft sunk into the earth to obtain water, oil, gas, or brine; a place where water issues from the earth; a spring or fountain place
vikuvtra island a land mass, especially one smaller than a continent, entirely surrounded by water place
vishizhukel foundry an establishment where metal is melted and poured into molds place
vitush-kunel cinder cone part of a volcano; type of crater place
vom-kunel mogote a isolated, steep-sided, commonly asymmetrical hill or ridge composed of limestone, generally steeper on its leeward side place
Voroth sea name of Vulan's western sea place
vrel-eiktra mud flat low-lying muddy land that is covered at high tide and exposed at low tide place
Vuldi Gorge Vuldi Gorge an area near the Lyr T'aya region that occasionally produces fog [ENT To Brave the Storm] place
wuh-nodol-zehlik mesut cantilever bridge a bridge formed by two projecting beams or trusses that are joined in the center by a connecting member and are supported on piers and anchored by counterbalancing members place
wurzel station a place or position where a person or thing stands or is assigned to stand; a post; an area where a person is assigned to work place
yartra grassland an area, such as a prairie or meadow, of grass or grasslike vegetation place
yekuhl-laptra mossy forest a forest comprised mainly of mosses place
yel star a self-luminous celestial body consisting of a mass of gas held together by its own gravity in which the energy generated by nuclear reactions in the interior is balanced by the outflow of energy to the surface (VLI) place
yut trail a marked or beaten path, as through woods or wilderness; a mark, trace, course, or path left by a moving body (noun) place
yut-del curb an edge between a sidewalk and a roadway consisting of a line of curbstones (usually forming part of a gutter) (noun) place
zhelesh-mashyut flume a narrow gorge or open artificial channel, usually with a stream flowing through it place
zul-kunel mountain a natural elevation of the earth's surface having considerable mass, generally steep sides, and a height greater than that of a hill place
zul-muzh lava lake lava lake place
zul-razh crater volcanic crater; a bowl-shaped opening at the top of a volcano place
zul-yumaya lava flow a solidified body of rock formed from the lateral, surficial outpouring of molten lava from a vent or fissure, often lobate in form place
zup-shal workshop a room, area, or small establishment where manual or light industrial work is done; an educational seminar or series of meetings emphasizing interaction and exchange of information place

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