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abukhau rule over to rule over phrase
akhlami among us among us; the company of; in association with phrase
Amsetri tre Your presence honours us Your presence honours us [K. Dailey's Fanfic - Any Other Time] phrase
Bath'paik Damn you an oath against another person (source: phrase
Bolau tu shom You need to rest You need to rest (source: phrase
Dif-tor heh smusma live long and prosper traditional greeting (VLI) phrase
dom So! votive exclamation (VLI) phrase
Dvun'uh! Move! exorting one to move (source: phrase
ekhlami among them among them; the midst of; surrounded by phrase
el'ru'esta hand embrace crossing hands at the wrist and touch palms; used as an embrace for t'hy'la or family phrase
Fa-wak shroi ri nash-veh nemut zhitlar I will not listen to the words of my enemy I will not listen to the words of my enemy (source: phrase
Fa-wak tor du ra karthau You will do what I command You will do what I command (source: phrase
fitor carry out to put into practice or effect (carry out orders); to follow or obey; to bring to a conclusion; accomplish phrase
Ha'tha ti'lu Good morning Good morning [K. Dailey's Fanfic - Any Other Time] phrase
Hafa'uh! Nam'tor du kobat Stay! You are weak Stay! You are weak (source: phrase
Ikap'uh t'du ru'lut Shut your mouth Shut your mouth (source: phrase
ish-veh that one a particular individual or thing phrase
isha mesta'voh ta'wak please contact us again later phrase meaning please contact us again later [] phrase
iwi-burun-mestaya critically urgent contact phrase meaning critically urgent contact [] phrase
k'fai'ei through which through which (TGV - dialect of VLI) phrase
k'fayei through which through which (MGV - dialect of VLI) phrase
k'lalatar prkori k'lalatar prnak'lirli IDIC Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations [Marketa] phrase
k'lalatar prnak'lirli infinite diversity in infinite combinations the phrase that identifies the IDIC philosophy phrase
K'shatrisu, ha'kel t'du wilat? Foreigner, where is your home? Foreigner, where is your home? (source: phrase
k'war'ma'khon vibration of extended family the mental linking of one Vulcan to another; the being of one people, one world phrase
Ka'i here now phrase meaning "I'm right here" [] phrase
kah-if-farr it is time a High Vulcan expression; it is the opening phrase of the koon-ut-kalifee ceremony meaning "it is time" (TOS Amok Time) phrase
kah-if-fee it is challenged a High Vulcan expression meaning "it is challenged" (TOS Amok Time) phrase
kal-if-fee act of challenge a High Vulcan expression that means "act of challenge"; it initiates the hand-to-hand combat between the males; is generally used as the name of the ritual through which a pre-arranged marriage can be prevented (TOS Amok Time) phrase
kash-naf mind-link mind-link phrase
kash-nohv mind-meld mindmeld phrase
keyh sahla it has come a Vulcan expression meaning "it has come" (STIII) phrase
khy-la d'rew disbursement of property Vulcan expression for "disbursement of property" after one's death; a Vulcan will of sorts (Orion Press Lexicon) phrase
Ki'kwi'fun-tor having returned from very far away phrase meaning "it's good to be back" [] phrase
Kiv tehnau fa-wak stau nash-veh du. If you resist, I will kill you If you resist, I will kill you. (source: phrase
klee-et you begin Vulcan expression meaning "you begin" (TOS Amok Time) phrase
klee-fah you are denied Vulcan expression of refusal; means "you [are] denied" (TOS Amok Time) phrase
klee-fah-tu one who is denied Vulcan expression for "one who is/are denied/refused"; one who never existed; an unperson (Orion Press Lexicon) phrase
Kol-Ut-Shan IDIC concept of IDIC (Infinite Combinations in Infinite Diversity) (VOY) phrase
Ku'nit Ka'fa'ar Struggle for the Way an ancient way of settling custody of children; both fathers fight for the right to raise the children phrase
Kup-fun-tor ha'kiv na'ish du stau? Can you return life to what you kill? one of Surak's sayings phrase
lesek thank you thank you phrase
lunikkh ta'vik poisoner of wells poisoner of wells, an old Vulcan invicitive phrase
Mene sakkhet ur-seveh live long and prosper traditional greeting (Marketa) phrase
mura fisahr drop your phaser drop your phaser phrase
na'shaya greeting a word or gesture of welcome or salutation phrase
na'Tha'thhya passing on of a katra passing on of a katra phrase
Nahp, hif-bi tu throks. Your thoughts, give them to me the opening phrase of a mind meld (source: phrase
Nam'uh hayal. Lof t'etek ri aisha vatlar Calm down. We are not here to cause trouble Calm down. We are not here to cause trouble (source: phrase
Nam'uh hizhuk. La masu Be quiet. Drink this. Be quiet. Drink this. (source: phrase
Nam'uh ralash-fam be silent a phrase used to tell someone to be quiet (source: phrase
nash-veh this one or I a particular person or thing phrase
Nashaut greetings; hello used only between mated individuals or extremely close friends [] phrase
neis-tor use up to use up as of time or space; use up (resources or materials) phrase
nemaiyo thank you a term of appreciation (source: Vulcan Language Guide, Starfleet Training Manual, copyright 1977; Vulcan Dictionary, 1992 by Bill Richmond) phrase
ni'droi'ik nar-tor I am sorry literally translates as asking forgiveness phrase
Nuh'mau-wak too much time phrase meaning "it has been too long since I last saw you" [] phrase
ong and e.g. Spockong Kirkong (Spock and Kirk); Spock kreylaong plomikong spacura. (Spock eats Vulcan biscuits and plomik soup.) phrase
ora honourable what? phrase meaning what is this regarding? [] phrase
ozh'esta finger embrace touching the index and middle fingers between bondmates and/or t'hy'la phrase
palutunau care for to tend to; to look after until well phrase
pen-nil-bek just a moment phrase meaning just a moment or please wait for just a moment [] phrase
ple'ma tsu rashaya cannot the same be said for me? Vulcan for the phrase 'cannot the same be said for me'? (Orion Press Lexicon) phrase
ponfo mirann expletive an expetive that was not translated; swear word phrase
por shinsarat crazy you're out of your mind phrase
Prayer of J'Kah prayer of J'Kah "Ishtaya kulah. Vestal ma etak J'Kah" is the traditional litany used when the Stone of J'Kah is offered phrase
Qual se tu? Is it you? Is it you? [tu is the intimate pronoun, the one reserved for one's t'hy'la.] [STV] phrase
ri la'nam-tor ish oyut that is not the custom here phrase meaning that is not the custom here [] phrase
ri wi yet, not yet, not phrase
ring not at all; not in the least phrase meaning not at all or not in the least [] phrase
rom-halan farewell a parting salutation; good bye (noun) phrase
S'ti th'laktra I grieve with thee standard saying to a bereaved family member (Marketa) phrase
Sarlah etek dvin-tor We come to serve We come to serve; a formal greeting of sorts phrase
sasfekau point out point out carefully and clearly; present and urge reasons in opposition; make or write comment to make a comment on phrase
shan'hal'lak love at first sight emotional engulfment, specifically the engulfment (love at first sight) phrase
shaya tonat thank you thank you (ENT) phrase
shon-ha-lock love at first sight "The Engulfment" (WOK); love phrase
shoret call out to call out to phrase
sochya eh dif peace and long life a greeting or reply to the "live long and prosper" greeting/farewell phrase
soo-lak disinterested person a Vulcan term for a disinterested third party whose opinio trivializes those of another (VOY Alter Ego) phrase
su'lak third party who trivilizes a romance third party who trivializes a relationship, in a romantic dynamic phrase
Surak's sayings - Accept their reaching... Accept their reaching... Nar-tor pulaya s'au k'ka'es - k'el'rular tun-bosh. (Accept their reaching in the same way, with careful hands.) phrase
Surak's sayings - Be slow to take a life... Then be slow to take a life be slow to take life. Dom nam-tor vohris nem-tor ha'kiv. (Then be slow to take life.) Dom nam-tor vohris nem-tor ha'kiv phrase
Surak's sayings - Cast out fear... Cast out fear... Dakh pthak. Nam-tor ri ret na'fan-kitok fa tu dakh pthak. (Cast out fear. There is no room for anything else until you cast out fear) phrase
Surak's sayings - Do no harm... Do no harm... Ri klau au ik klau tu. (Do no harm to those that harm you.) phrase
Surak's sayings - Do not kill... As far as possible, do not kill Vah mau vah tor-yehat ri stau. (As far as possible, do not kill) phrase
Surak's sayings - He talks peace... He talks peace... Variben veh sochya kuv nam-tor vah goh yut ha-tor. (He talks peace if it is the only way to live.) phrase
Surak's sayings - Nobility lies in action... Nobility lies in action... Shiyau thol'es k'thorai ri k'ahm. (Nobility lies in action not in name.) phrase
Surak's sayings - Offer them peace... Offer them peace... Nufau au sochya - yi dungi ma tu sochya. (Offer them peace, then you will have peace.) phrase
Surak's sayings - Reach out to others... Reach out to others... Pulau na'vathular k'nuhk. (Reach out to others courteously.) phrase
Surak's sayings - The needs of the many... The needs of the many... Spunau bolayalar t'Wehku bolayalar t'Zamu il t'Veh. (The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one.) phrase
Surak's sayings - The present is... The present is... I'wak mesukh-yut t'on. (The present is the crossroads of both. (future and past)) phrase
Surak's sayings - The spear... The spear... Tilek svi'khaf-spol t'vathu - tilek svi'sha'veh. (The spear in the other's heart is the spear in your own.) phrase
Surak's sayings - There is no offense... There is no offense... Nam-tor ri thrap wilat nem-tor rim. (There is no offense where none is taken.) phrase
Surak's sayings - There is no other wisdom... There is no other wisdom... Ri vath kau eh ri vath rok nam-tor na'etek hi etek kau-tor. (There is no other wisdom and no other hope for us but that we grow wise.) phrase
Surak's sayings - Time is a path... Time is a path... Nam-tor wak vah yut s'vesht na'fa'wak heh pla'rak. (Time is a path from the past to the future and back again.) phrase
Surak's sayings - We have differences... We have differences. Ma etek natyan teretuhr lau etek shetau weh-lo'uk do tum t'on (We have differences. May we, together, become greater than the sum of both of us) phrase
Surak's sayings - Wide experience... Wide experience... (Vulcan) Eik-veshtaya to'ovau kau - lu veshtaya ri glazhau goh na'kastorilaya t'kashan. phrase
Surak's sayings - Wide experience... Wide experience... (English) Wide experience increases wisdom, provided the experience is not sought purely for the stimulation of sensation. phrase
t'kona go from this place alone can also mean 'leave Vulcan, do not come back''; T'Pau said this to Spock after T'Pring formally severed their bond [Pro novel Killing Time] phrase
T'nar jaral greeting - formal reply formal reply to the formal greeting phrase
T'nar pak sorat y'rani greeting - formal greeting a form of formal greeting phrase
t'var'eth whelp invicitive used for an undisciplined youth phrase
ta'a hand salute the Vulcan hand-greeting/salute; also ta'al phrase
ta'al hand salute the Vulcan hand-greeting/salute; also ta'a phrase
Taluhk nash-veh k'dular I cherish thee a declaration of love between bondmates that is accepted by Vulcan society phrase
Teraya Kaunshuk t'Ek'tralar United Federation of Planets United Federation of Planets phrase
Teraya-eingelsu Federation Standard English Federation Standard English; language of Terra phrase
th'i-oxalra thank you literally meaning I appreciate it. phrase
ti'amah let me go! let me go!; let me out (ENT - Bounty) phrase
tishau care for e.g. I care for Sarek phrase
to'tsu'k'hy nerve pinch nerve pinch phrase
tonk'peh hi; hello an informal greeting used among Vulcans phrase
tra wi ha are you still there phrase meaning are you still there? [] phrase
tresahk-tor rip into pieces to rip into pieces (verb) phrase
tuluk tu vokau you will remember phrase used during the transfer of a katra [ENT - The Forge] phrase
Tushah nash-veh k'du I grieve with thee used when speaking to a single person of equal/lower status, a child, etc. (VLI) phrase
Tushah nash-veh k'dular I grieve with thee used when speaking to more than one person of equal/lower status, children, etc. (VLI) phrase
Tushah nash-veh k'odu I grieve with thee used when speaking to a single person of superior or other honored status (VLI) phrase
Tushah nash-veh k'odular I grieve with thee used when speaking to more than one person of superior or other honored status (VLI) phrase
tvi'okh neighbour used as an invicitive phrase
v'kree'zals fair and honourable victory Vulcan term for "fair and honourable victory" (Orion Press Lexicon) phrase
Va'Pak The Immeasurable Loss destruction of the planet Vulcan by Nero [] phrase
veling of course phrase meaning of course [] phrase
Vu dvin dor etwel Your service honours us Your service honours us; the correct response to the phrase We come to serve. phrase
zarahk-tor break into pieces break into little pieces; shatter phrase
zhit-bal phrase a sequence of words intended to have meaning phrase

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