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Vulcan English Description Category
dah-leh twenty 20 number
dah-leh-teh two thousand 2000 number
dah-teh two hundred 200 number
dahkuh two 2 number
ek'es-ris absolute zero the point at which there is a total absence of heat, minus 459.67F (-273.15C) (O Kelvin) number
kau'rak one-fifth 1/5; fraction number
kau-leh fifty 50 number
kaukuh five 5 number
keh-leh forty 40 number
kehkuh four 4 number
leh- steh seventeen 17 number
leh-dah twelve 12 number
leh-kau fifteen 15 number
leh-keh fourteen 14 number
leh-nau nineteen 19 number
leh-oh eighteen 18 number
leh-reh thirteen 13 number
leh-sheh sixteen 16 number
leh-teh one thousand 1000 number
leh-wun eleven 11; number after ten number
lehkuh ten 10 number
nau-leh ninety 90 number
naukuh nine 9 number
oh-leh eighty 80 number
ohkuh eight 8 number
reh-leh thirty 30 number
rehkuh three 3 number
ris zero 0 number
sheh-leh sixty 60 number
shehkuh six 6 number
steh-leh seventy 70 number
stehkuh seven 7 number
su'us number a member of the set of positive integers; one of a series of symbols of unique meaning in a fixed order that can be derived by counting (anc.) number
teh one hundred 100 number
ulef one-half 1/2 (anc.) number
ulef half one of two equal parts that together constitute a whole number
veh one 1 number
wuh'rak first first; 1st; the one coming, occurring, or ranking before or above all others. number
wuhkuh one 1 (VLI) number
yonuk one-quarter 1/4 (anc.) number
yonuk quarter 1/4 (anc.) number
zhon one million 1,000,000 number

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