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(is-)kek function a variable so related to another that for each value assumed by one there is a value determined for the other (noun) math
(vul-)mes-zehl diagonal (math) a set of entries in a square matrix running diagonally either from the upper left to lower right entry or running from the upper right to lower left entry; (geom) a straight line connecting any two vertices of a polygon that are not adjacent math
abomesauk inverse of or relating to an inverse or an inverse function. math
abru-su'us numerator the expression written above the line in a common fraction to indicate the number of parts of the whole math
abru-vulu obtuse angle an angle greater than 90° and less than 180° math
ashenek-gavlar exponent laws exponent laws math
ashenek-kek exponential function exponential function math
ashenek-ketilaya exponential integration exponential integration math
ashenek-to'ovaya exponential growth growth at an alarming rate, based on a mathematical formula math
ashenek-weizehl exponential series exponential series math
ashivaya iteration the computational procedure in which a cycle of operations is repeated, often to approximate the desired result more closely math
ayau-keh-vla rhombus am equilateral parallelogram math
ayayik keh-vla rhombohedron a prism with six faces, each a rhombus math
ayayik leh-dah-muk rhombidodecadodecahedron a uniform polyhedron U38 whose dual polyhedron is the medial deltoidal hexecontahedron math
azehl ray a straight line extending from a point; also called half-line math
bol-vul critical angle the smallest angle of incidence for which light is totally reflected math
bov average a statistic describing the location of a distribution (noun) math
bov mean a number that typifies a set of numbers, such as a geometric mean or an arithmetic mean; the average value of a set of numbers math
dah-ashenek-ketilaya double exponential integration double exponential integration math
dah-ashenek-sagan double exponential distribution double exponential distribution math
dah-kaik reh-vla isosceles triangle a triangle with two equal sides math
dah-kaik wuh-vlavia-vel isosceles trapezoid a trapezoid in which the base angles are equal math
dah-ketil double integral an integral in which the integrand involves a function of two variables and that requires two applications of the integration process to evaluate math
dah-vlavia-vel parallelogram a quadrilateral whose opposite sides are both parallel and equal in length math
dah-weizehl double series a double sum is a series having terms depending on two indices math
dahlefau bisect cut in half or cut in two; "bisect a line" math
dahpul-ketil quadratic integral quadratic integral math
dahpul-nik-tok quadratic formula the formula x = [-b ± (b2 - 4ac)]/2a, used to compute the roots of a quadratic equation math
dahpul-vo'ihn quadratic equation an equation in which one or more of the terms is squared but raised to no higher power, having the general form ax2 + bx + c = 0 math
dahsau-nosahp quotient the number obtained by dividing one quantity by another; in 45 ÷ 3 = 15, 15 is the quotient math
dahsayek divisor divisor math
dakhvalu parabola a plane curve formed by the intersection of a right circular cone and a plane parallel to an element of the curve math
dakhvalu-krus parabolic segment parabolic segment math
dakhvalu-sfek parabolic point a point p on a regular surface is said to be parabolic if K(p)=0 but S(p) does not =0 math
dakhvalu-shi-kethellar parabolic coordinates a system of curvilinear coordinates in which two sets of coordinate surfaces are obtained by revolving the parabolas about the x-axis math
ek'es-teretaya absolute convergence convergence of a mathematical series when the absolute values of the terms are taken math
ek'kal sphere a three-dimensional surface, all points of which are equidistant from a fixed point; a spherical object or figure math
ek'kal-khlop-thonik su'us-ek'tal spherical geometry the geometry of circles, angles, and figures on the surface of a sphere math
ek'kal-reh-vlupik su'us-ek'tal spherical trigonometry the modified form of trigonometry applied to spherical triangles math
ek'kat constant a number representing a quantity assumed to have a fixed value in a specified mathematical context; e.g. the speed of light is a constant (noun) math
ek'su'us integer a member of the set of positive whole numbers {1, 2, 3, . . . }, negative whole numbers {-1, -2, -3, . . . }, and zero {0}. math
ek'su'us whole number a member of the set of positive integers and zero; a positive integer; an integer math
eku-svitan locus the set or configuration of all points whose coordinates satisfy a single equation or one or more algebraic conditions math
el'toraya operation a process or action, such as addition, substitution, transposition etc. performed in a specified sequence and in accordance with specific rules math
el'torayek operator a function, especially one from a set to itself, such as differentiation of a differentiable function or rotation of a vector math
eshenek-sagan exponential distribution exponential distribution math
faika-natilak exact differential an expression that is the total differential of some function math
faika-vo'ihn exact equation a certain kind of ordinary differential equation which is widely used in physics and engineering math
fek-besan bar graph a chart with bars whose lengths are proportional to quantities math
fna-thon diameter the length of a straight line passing through the center of a circle and connecting two points on the circumference math
fnakaya intercept the coordinate of a point at which a line, curve, or surface intersects a coordinate axis (noun) math
gas-vulu right angle an angle formed by the perpendicular intersection of two straight lines; an angle of 90° math
gas-vulu-vel rectangle a four-sided plane figure with four right angles math
gas-vuluyik reh-vla right triangle a triangle with one right angle math
glenon-sfek imaginary point a pair of values x and y one or both of which is complex a pair of values x and y one or both of which is complex math
glenon-su'us imaginary number a complex number in which the imaginary part is not zero math
grei-sfek limit point a mathematical value toward which a function goes as the independent variable approaches infinity math
hau-ov sum an amount obtained as a result of adding numbers (anc.) math
haul-pa'ashtra mirror plane the symmetry operation (x,y,z) --> (x,y,-z) , etc., which is equivalent to 2 (with a line over it), where the bar denotes an improper rotation. math
haya addition the act or process of adding, especially the process of computing with sets of numbers so as to find their sum math
heh plus increased by the addition of, as in one plus one; positive or on the positive part of a scale math
ikun cone the surface generated by a straight line, the generator, passing through a fixed point, the vertex, and moving along a fixed curve, the directrix (VLI) math
ikun-fna-krus conic section (geometry) a curve generated by the intersection of a plane and a circular cone math
ka'pra calculate to ascertain by computation; reckon; to make an estimate of; evaluate math
ka-pidvalu equilateral hyperbola equilateral hyperbola math
ka-reh-kamu equilateral root equilateral root math
ka-reh-kesek equilateral arch equilateral arch math
ka-reh-vla equilateral triangle equilateral triangle math
ka-vla isohedron a convex polyhedron with symmetries acting transitively on its faces, every isohedron has an even number of faces, e.g. dice math
ka-wehk-vla equilateral polygon equilateral polygon math
kafun-sagan random distribution a statistical distribution in which the variates occur with probabilities asymptotically matching their "true" underlying statistical distribution math
kafun-su'us random number a number selected from a known set of numbers in such a way that each number in the set has the same probability of occurrence math
kafun-vuhnayek random variable a variable whose values are random but whose statistical distribution is known math
kakratulek coefficient a constant number that serves as a measure of some property or characteristic math
kal node the point at which a continuous curve crosses itself math
kau-leh-vla pentadecagon a 15-sided figure math
kau-muk pentahedron any polyhedron having five plane faces math
kau-vla pentagon a polygon having five sides and five interior angles math
kau-vla-rekun pentagonal pyramid a pyramid with a pentagonal base math
kau-vla-su'us pentagonal number a polygonal number of the form n(3n-1)/2; the first few are 1, 5, 12, 22, 35, 51, 70, ... math
kau-vla-takurek pentagonal prism a prism, heptahedron, and uniform polyhedron whose dual polyhedron is the pentagonal dipyramid. A prism, heptahedron, and uniform polyhedron math
kau-vlayik leh-dah-muk pentagonal dodecahedron having five corners or angles math
keh-leh-muk tetradecahedron a 14-sided polyhedron, sometimes called a tetrakaidecahedron. math
keh-leh-vla tetradecagon a 14-sided polygon, sometimes called a tetrakaidecagon math
keh-muk tetrahedron a polyhedron with four faces math
keh-sheh-muk tetrahexahedron a solid in the isometric system, bounded by twenty-four equal triangular faces, four corresponding to each face of the cube math
keh-vel quadrilateral a polygon having four sides (noun) math
keh-vla square a plane figure having four equal sides; something having an equal-sided rectangular form math
keh-vla tetragon a four-sided polygon; a quadrilateral math
kek'yed theorem a proposition that has been or is to be proved on the basis of explicit assumptions math
kes-pi'krus arc second the unit of angular measure equal to 1/60 of an arc minute, or 1/3600 of a degree math
kes-suk'krus arc minute the unit of angular measurement equal to one sixtieth of a degree, or 60 seconds math
ketil-su'us-ek'tal integral calculus the study of integration and its uses, such as in finding volumes, areas, and solutions of differential equations (MGV dialect of VLI) math
ketil-vo'ihn integral equation an equation involving a function f(x) and integrals of that function to solved for f(x) math
ketilik pitoh-su'us-ek'tal integral calculus the study of integration and its uses, such as in finding volumes, areas, and solutions of differential equations (TGV dialect of VLI) math
khlop-thon-sagan geometric distribution a discrete probability distribution that describes the probability that a Bernoulli process will have its first success on the nth trial math
khlop-thon-weizehl geometric series an infinite series of the form a + ax + ax2 + ax3 + . . . math
khlop-thon-zehlanaya geometric sequence a sequence (finite or infinite) of real numbers for which each term is the previous term multiplied by a constant (called the common ratio) math
khlop-thonik su'us-ek'tal geometry the mathematics of the properties, measurement, and relationships of points, lines, angles, surfaces, and solids math
kilkau-torek algorithm a step-by-step problem-solving procedure for solving a problem in a finite number of steps math
klayanek factorial the product of a series of consecutive positive integers from 1 to a given number math
kr'lar cubit any short archaic non-standard measurement/non metric unit of distance math
kreu'sho'ru cone the surface generated by a straight line, the generator, passing through a fixed point, the vertex, and moving along a fixed curve, the directrix math
kril-kek harmonic function any real function u(x,y) with continuous second partial derivatives which satisfies Laplace's equation math
kril-su'us harmonic number The harmonic number is a positive integer giving one less than the number of maxima in a standing wave math
kril-vo'ihn harmonic equation the scalar form of Laplace's equation is the partial differential equation math
kril-weizehl harmonic series a series whose terms are in harmonic progression, especially the series 1 + 1/2 + 1/3 + 1/4 + …. math
kril-zehlanaya harmonic sequence a sequence of numbers in which the terms are in harmonic progression math
kruhk gnomon the geometric figure that remains after a parallelogram has been removed from a similar but larger parallelogram with which it shares a corner math
krus-eku subset a set contained within a set math
krusat sector the portion of a circle bounded by two radii and the included arc math
krusek fraction an expression that indicates the quotient of two quantities, such as 1/3 math
krusit-weizehl alternating series a mathematical series in which consecutive terms are alternatively positive and negative math
kulan helix a three-dimensional curve that lies on a cylinder or cone, so that its angle to a plane perpendicular to the axis is constant math
kulan spiral a curve on a plane that winds around a fixed center point at a continuously increasing or decreasing distance from the point math
leh- decimal divided by tens or hundreds; numbered or proceeding by tens; based on ten (adjective) math
leh-dah duodecimal duodecimal (adjective); pertaining to twelve or twelfths; reckoning by twelves math
leh-dahik duodecimal duodecimal; pertaining to twelve or twelfths; reckoning by twelves math
leh-kau-vla pentakaidecagon a 15-sided polygon, sometimes also called the pentadecagon Pentadecagon math
leh-keh-muk tetrahaidecahedron a 14-sided polyhedron, sometimes called a tetradecahedron math
leh-keh-vla tetrakaidecagon a 14-sided polygon, sometimes called a tetradecagon math
leh-muk decahedron any polyhedron having ten plane faces math
leh-nau-via nonadecagon old term for a 19-sided polygon; not used any more math
leh-oh-vla octakaidecagon an 18-sided polygon, sometimes also called an octadecagon math
leh-reh-vla triskaidecagon a 13-sided polygon, sometimes also called the tridecagon math
leh-sheh-vla hexadecagon a 16-sided polygon, sometimes also called a hexakaidecagon math
leh-steh-vla heptadecagon a polygon having seventeen sides math
leh-vla decagon a polygon with 10 sides and 10 angles math
lehik decimal a proper fraction whose denominator is a power of 10; a number in the decimal system math
luf-vulu oblique angle an angle, such as an acute or obtuse angle, that is not a right angle or a multiple of a right angle math
malat-su'us natural number the number 1 and any other number obtained by adding 1 to it repeatedly math
malat-talashenek natural logarithm the logarithm to the base e, where e is approximately equal to 2.71828... math
malat-vo'ihn natural equation an equation which specifies a curve independent of any choice of coordinates or parameterization math
mog'es volume the amount of space occupied by a three-dimensional object or region of space, expressed in cubic units; the capacity of such a region or of a specified container, expressed in cubic units (math, physics) math
na-shi-kethellar polar coordinates either of two coordinates, the radius or the polar angle, that together specify the position of a point in a plane math
na-vulu polar angle the angle formed by the polar axis and the radius vector in a polar coordinate system math
natesh modulus the absolute value of a complex number math
natilak differential the result of mathematical differentiation; the instantaneous change of one quantity relative to another; df(x)/dx math
natilak-el'torayek differential operator an operator defined as a function of the differentiation operator math
natilak-khlop-thonik su'us-ek'tal differential geometry the study of geometry using differential calculus math
natilak-vo'ihn differential equation an equation containing differentials of a function math
natilauk pitoh-su'us-ek'tal differential calculus the part of calculus that deals with the variation of a function with respect to changes in the independent variable (or variables) by means of the concepts of derivative and differential math
nau-muk nonahedron a nine-faced polyhedron math
nau-via nonagon a polygon with nine sides math
ne-su'us denominator the divisor of a fraction math
neh-leh-torektra decimal system a positional system of numeration that uses decimal digits and a base of 10 math
nen-su'us base the positive integer that is equivalent to one in the next higher counting place math
nen-su'us elementary number elementary number math
nen-su'us-ek-tal arithmetic the mathematics of integers, rational numbers, real numbers, or complex numbers under addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division math
nen-torektra fundamental system a set of algebraic invariants for a quantic such that any invariant of the quantic is expressible as a polynomial in members of the set math
nen-travek fundamental group a group associated with every point of a topological space and conveying information about the 1-dimensional structure of the space math
nenat-su'us prime number a positive integer not divisible without a remainder by any positive integer other than itself and one math
nenat-wehk-zhil prime polynomial there exists a polynomial in 10 variables with integer coefficients such that the set of primes equals the set of positive values of this polynomial math
ner-vuhnayek dependent variable (statistics) a variable in a logical or mathematical expression whose value depends in the independent variable; if f(x)=y, y is the dependent variable math
nerau-kek-vuhnayek argument the independent variable of a function; the angle of a complex number measured from the positive horizontal axis (VLI) math
nodo-sfek fixed point a method of writing numerical quantities with a predetermined number of digits with a fixed decimal pt. math
nosahek quantifier an operator that limits the variables of a proposition, as some or all; a linguistic form that expresses a contrast in quantity, as some, all, or many math
nup fractal a geometric pattern that is repeated at ever smaller scales to produce irregular shapes and surfaces that cannot be represented by classical geometry math
nus-nisan parametric test a statistical test that depends on an assumption about the distribution of the data, e.g., that the data are normally distributed. math
nus-vo'ihn parametric equation any of a set of equations that express the coordinates of the points of a curve as functions of one parameter math
oh-leh-vla octadecagon an 18-sided polygon, sometimes also called an octakaidecagon math
oh-muk octahedron any polyhedron having eight plane faces math
oh-vla octagon a polygon with eight sides and eight angles math
ov'din angle the figure formed by two planes diverging from a common line; the figure formed by two lines diverging from a common point math
ovus total an amount obtained by addition; a sum (noun) (anc.) math
pa'ashtra plane a surface containing all the straight lines that connect any two points on it math
pa'ashtra-besan planar graph a graph that can be drawn on a piece of paper so that no edges intersect math
pa'ashtra-dahsaya plane division plane division math
pa'ashtra-ir planar distance planar distance math
pa'ashtra-khlop-thonik su'us-ek'tal plane geometry the geometry of planar figures; the geometry of 2-dimensional figures math
pa'ashtra-sfek planar point planar point math
pa'ashtra-tsa plane curve a bending without angles; that which is bent; a flexure; as, a curve in a railway or canal math
pa'es-rak general position an arrangement of points with no three collinear, or of lines with no three concurrent math
pa'thon perimeter the closed curve bounding a plane area; the length of such a boundary; the outer limits of an area math
pa-thon t'da-kuv circumference the size of something as given by the distance around it; the length of the closed curve of a circle math
pid-khlop-kek hypergeometric function is a function which can be defined in the form of a hypergeometric series math
pid-khlop-sagan hypergeometric distribution a probability function that gives the probability of obtaining exactly x elements of one kind and n - x elements of another math
pid-khlop-weizehl hypergeometric series is a series for which c0 = 1 and the ratio of consecutive terms is a rational function of the summation index k math
pidvalu hyperbola an open curve formed by a plane that cuts the base of a right circular cone math
pidvalu-khlop-thonik su'us-ek'tal hyperbolic geometry geometry in which it is assumed that through any point there are two or more parallel lines that do not intersect a given line in the plane math
pidvalu-pa'ashtra hyperbolic plane In the hyperbolic plane H2, a pair of lines can be parallel, can intersect, or can be hyperparallel math
pidvalu-sfek hyperbolic point A point p on a regular surface is said to be hyperbolic if the Gaussian curvature or the principal curvatures K1 and K2 have opposite signs. math
pih-da-sfek Z-axis one of three axes in a three-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system math
pitoh-su'us-ek'tal calculus the branch of mathematics that deals with limits and the differentiation and integration of functions of one or more variables math
pul'es magnitude a number assigned to a quantity so that it may be compared with other quantities math
raf-kuv-thon circular measure measurement of angles in radians math
reh-leh-vla tridecagon a 13-sided polygon, sometimes also called the triskaidecagon math
reh-muk trihedron a figure formed by three planes meeting at a point; also called trihedral math
reh-oh-muk trisoctahedron a solid figure having 24 equal faces, every three of which correspond to one face of an octahedron math
reh-vla triangle the plane figure formed by connecting three points not in a straight line by straight line segments; a three-sided polygon math
reh-vlupik su'us-ek'tal trigonometry the branch of mathematics that deals with the relationships between the sides and the angles of triangles and the calculations based on them, particularly the trigonometric functions math
rehs'us cube the product of three equal terms (number) math
rehs'us-gir cube root a number that when multiplied three times equals a given number math
rehsau cube to raise to the third power (verb) math
rehsu'us trinomial consisting of three names or terms, as a taxonomic designation; consisting of three terms math
rika-reh-vla scalene triangle a triangle with no two sides of equal length math
rika-reh-vlayik wehk-muk scalenohedron a pyramidal form under the rhombohedral system, inclosed by twelve faces, each a scalene triangle math
rish-krusek mixed fraction An improper fraction p/q>1 written in the form n+r/s, for example, 1 1/2 (one and one half) math
riu-rak nonnegative of, relating to, or being a quantity that is either positive or zero math
sagir radical the root of a quantity as indicated by the radical sign math
sakuvu radius a line segment that joins the center of a circle or sphere with any point on its circumference math
sakwitau-vul deflection angle the angle at a point on the earth between the direction of a plumb line (the vertical) and the perpendicular (the normal) to the reference spheroid math
sames-vulu-zehl hypotenuse the side of a right triangle opposite the right angle. math
sanem-tor subtract to take away; deduct; to perform the arithmetic operation of subtraction math
saneman subtraction the arithmetic operation of finding the difference between two quantities or numbers math
sasuhlitaya permutation a rearrangement of the elements of a set math
satau-weizehl divergent series an infinite series whose partial sums are divergent math
satau-zehlanaya divergent sequence a sequence that is not convergent math
sateh percent one part in a hundred; a percentage or portion math
sateh'es percentage a fraction or ratio with 100 understood as the denominator; for example, 0.98 equals a percentage of 98 math
sazeh- perpendicular being at right angles to the horizontal; vertical; intersecting at or forming right angles (adj.) math
sazehik perpendicular being at right angles to the horizontal; vertical; intersecting at or forming right angles (adj.) math
seht-su'us algebraic number root of an algebraic equation with rational coefficients math
seht-su'us- algebraic designating an expression, equation, or function in which only numbers, letters, and arithmetic operations are contained or used (adj.) math
seht-su'us-ek'tal algebra a branch of mathematics which may be defined as the generalization and extension of arithmetic; the mathematics of generalized arithmetical operations math
seht-su'us-ek'tal t'Seshet Boolean algebra a system of symbolic logic devised by George Boole; used in computers math
seht-su'us-kek algebraic function a quantity whose connection with the variable is expressed by an equation that involves only the algebraic operations math
seht-su'usik algebraic designating an expression, equation, or function in which only numbers, letters, and arithmetic operations are contained or used (adj.) math
sfek-da-kuv point circle point circle math
sfek-pa'ashtra-ir point-plane distance point-plane distance math
sfek-sfek-ir point-point distance point-point distance math
sfek-zehl-ir point-line distance point-line distance math
shai'us square the product obtained when a number or quantity is multiplied by itself (e.g. 49 is the square of 7) math
shai-us-gir square root a divisor of a quantity that when squared gives the quantity (e.g. the square roots of 25 are 5 and -5 because 5 × 5 = 25 and (-5) × (-5) = 25) math
shaik su'us odd number designating an integer not divisible by two, such as 1, 3, and 5 math
shalat quadrant a circular arc of 90°; one fourth of the circumference of a circle; the plane area bounded by such an arc and two perpendicular radii math
sheh-muk hexahedron a polyhedron, such as a cube, that has six faces math
sheh-oh-muk hexoctahedron a solid having forty-eight equal triangular faces math
sheh-vla hexagon a polygon having six sides math
shi-kethel coordinate a number that identifies a position relative to an axis (noun) math
shihvek-besan pie chart a circular graph having radii dividing the circle into sectors proportional in angle and area to the relative size of the quantities represented math
si-vulu exterior angle any of 4 angles formed on the outside of 2 straight lines by a straight line cutting across them math
sih-da-sfek X-axis the horizontal axis of a two-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system; one of three axes in a three-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system math
skonn-zehlik geodesic the shortest line between two points on any mathematically defined surface math
snem-ikun truncated cone a a frustum (a truncated cone or pyramid; the part that is left when a cone or pyramid is cut by a plane parallel to the base and the apical part is removed) formed from a cone math
snem-rekun truncated pyramid a a frustum (a truncated cone or pyramid; the part that is left when a cone or pyramid is cut by a plane parallel to the base and the apical part is removed) formed from a pyramid math
snem-sheh-muk truncated cube the truncated cube, or truncated hexahedron, is an Archimedean solid (a convex polyhedron with regular polygons as faces, such that at least two different types of regular polygons are used, and all vertices are identical) math
steh-muk septahedron a polyhedral with 7 sides math
steh-vla heptagon a polygon having seven sides math
steh-vla septagon a polyhedral with 7 sides math
su'us-ek'tal mathematics the study of the measurement, properties, and relationships of quantities and sets, using numbers and symbols math
svitan-nekwitaya central force a force acting upon a body towards or away from a fixed or movable center math
sviti-sfek midpoint the point of a line segment or curvilinear arc that divides it into two parts of the same length math
talash-ketil logarithmic integral the logarithmic integral or integral logarithm li(x) is a non-elementary function defined for all positive real numbers x? 1 by the definite integral math
talash-kulan logarithmic spiral a spiral curve such that radii drawn from its pole or eye at equal angles with each other are in continual proportion math
talash-sagan logarithmic distribution logarithmic distribution math
talash-su'us logarithmic number logarithmic number math
talashenek logarithm the power to which a base, such as 10, must be raised to produce a given number; e.g. 10(3) = 1,000; therefore, log10 - 1,000 = 3 math
talikal symmetry exact correspondence of form and constituent configuration on opposite sides of a dividing line or plane or about a center or an axis math
tangu-sfek ideal point the point at infinity added in projective geometry as the assumed intersection of two parallel lines math
tangu-su'us ideal number a type of number involving the roots of unity while trying to solve Fermat's last theorem math
teh-krus t'talashenek mantissa the decimal part of a logarithm, e.g. in the logarithm 2.95424, the mantissa is 0.95424 math
teh-ris-su'us googol the number 10 raised to the power 100 written out as the numeral 1 followed by 100 zeros math
teh-vla hectogon a 100-sided polygon, virtually indistinguishable in appearance from a circle except at very high magnification math
ten do less than comparing quantity or quality (Example: "She was less than half her weight after the crash diet") math
teni minus reduction by the subtraction of; less; negative or on the negative part of a scale; the minus sign (-) math
teni-heh plus-or-minus plus-or-minus, e.g. this survey is accurate plus-or-minus 4 percent math
tenu-da-sfek minor axis the shorter or shortest axis of an ellipse or ellipsoid math
teretau-sfek focus a fixed point whose relationship with a directrix determines a conic section math
teretau-sfek focal point a fixed point whose relationship with a directrix determines a conic section math
thakau-tavat focal ratio the ratio of the focal length to the diameter of a (camera) lens system math
thol-su'us noble number an irrational number which has a continued fraction which becomes an infinite sequence of 1s at some point math
tih-da-sfek Y-axis the vertical axis of a two-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system; one of three axes in a three-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system math
tih-fnakaya Y-intercept the point where graph of a function or relationship intercepts the y-axis of the coordinate system math
tinga dimension the magnitude of something in a particular direction (especially length or width or height) (measurement) math
tsuri-fna-krus normal section has to do with the curvature of a surface math
tsuri-kek normal function the normal distribution function is also sometimes called "the normal function." math
tsuri-pa'ashtra normal plane the plane spanned by the normal vector N and the binormal vector B math
tsuri-sagan normal distribution a theoretical frequency distribution for a set of variable data, usually represented by a bell-shaped curve symmetrical about the mean math
tsuri-shid normal form in reduction systems, the state of a term which contains no reducible expressions math
tsuri-su'us normal number a real number whose digits show a random distribution with all digits being equally likely (finite before the point and infinite after it) math
tsuri-su'us regular number a positive integer that has a finite decimal expansion math
tsuri-viskulan normal matrix complex square matrix A is a normal matrix if A^{*}A=AA^{*} where A* is the conjugate transpose of A (if A is a real matrix) math
tsuri-vo'ihn normal equation an expression of the condition of equality between two algebraic quantities or sets of quantities, the sign = being placed between them math
tsuri-vukharat normal vector a vector which is perpendicular to said surface or manifold; the inner product of the normal vector with all vectors which comprise the surface is 0 math
tsuri-wehk-vla regular polygon a polygon with all sides and all angles equal math
tsuri-zek normal order function f(n) has the normal order F(n) if f(n) is approximately F(n) for almost all values of n math
tu'ash-eku open set a set is open if every point in the set has a neighborhood lying in the set math
tu'ash-tvi'eku open interval a set of numbers consisting of all the numbers between a pair of given numbers but not including the endpoints math
tuh-tsa bell curve the symmetrical curve of a normal distribution math
tvi-eku interval a set of numbers consisting of all the numbers between a pair of given numbers along with either, both, or none of the endpoints math
tvi-vulu interiour angle any of the four angles formed between two straight lines intersected by a third straight line; the angle formed inside a polygon by two adjacent sides math
tvimesau-kes-krus lune a crescent-shaped portion of a plane or sphere bounded by two arcs of circles math
ulef-da-kuv semicircle a half of a circle as divided by a diameter; an object or arrangement of objects or people in the shape of half a circle math
um-sfek vertex the point at which the sides of an angle intersect; the point on a triangle or pyramid opposite to and farthest away from its base; a point on a polyhedron common to three or more sides math
un digit one of the elements that collectively form a system of numbers (math.) math
vakav'es frequency the number of times a specified periodic phenomenon occurs within a specified interval math
vath-sfek-vel cotangent ratio of the adjacent to the opposite side of a right-angled triangle math
velak element element (math); an infinitely small portion of a magnitude math
vi-dahsau-vel dividend dividend math
vinam-besan inclusion map Given a subset B of a set A, the injection f : B --> A defined by f(b)=b for all b E B math
viskulan matrix a rectangular array of numeric or algebraic quantities subject to mathematical operations math
viyi-su'us even number a number that is equally divisible by 2 math
vlavia-muk parallelohedron a special class of zonohedron; there are 5 classes: the cube, elongated dodecahedron, hexagonal prism, rhombic dodecahedron, and truncated octahedron math
vo'ihn equation equation math
vukharat vector a quantity, such as velocity, completely specified by a magnitude and a direction math
vulu-tavat-zes sine the ordinate of the endpoint of an arc of a unit circle centered at the origin of a Cartesian coordinate system math
vunai-wihka field theory a mathematical description of the effects of physical fields on the distribution and behavior of matter math
weh-abru-grei upper limit the the limit on the upper (or northernmost) side of something; the largest possible quantity math
weh-abru-ketil upper integral the limit of an upper sum, when it exists, as the mesh size approaches 0 math
weh-abruhik hau-ov upper sum for a given bounded function f(x) over a partition of a given interval, the upper sum is the sum of box areas using the supremum M of the function f(x) in each subinterval math
weh-ne-grei lower limit the smallest possible quantity math
weh-ne-ketil lower integral the limit of a lower sum, when it exists, as the mesh size approaches 0 math
weh-ne-klayanek lower factorial can be implemented as FallingFactorial[x_, n_] := (-1)^n Pochhammer[-x, n]; is also called a binomial polynomial or lower factorial math
weh-neik hau-ov lower sum for a given function f(x) over a partition of a given interval, the lower sum is the sum of box areas using the smallest value of the function math
wehk-eku multiset a set-like object in which order is ignored, but multiplicity is explicitly significant math
wehk-muk polyhedron a solid figure bounded by plane polygons or faces; a shape, made up of faces math
wehk-vla polygon a closed plane figure bounded by three or more line segments math
wehk-zehlik multilinear a basis, form, function, etc., in two or more variables is said to be multilinear if it is linear in each variable separately math
wehk-zhil multinomial a mathematical expression of one or more algebraic terms each of which consists of a constant multiplied by one or more variables math
wehk-zhil polynomial a mathematical expression that is the sum of a number of terms math
wehkovau multiply to increase the amount, number, or degree of; to perform multiplication on math
wehkovaya multiplication the operation that, for positive integers, consists of adding a number (the multiplicand) to itself a certain number of times math
wehkovayek multiplier the number by which another number is multiplied; in 8 × 32, the multiplier is 8 math
weht do greater than having a greater value that another number; symbol is > math
weht-sfek-aus secant the straight line intersecting a curve at two or more points math
wuh-sfek-vel tangent a line, curve, or surface meeting another line, curve, or surface at a common point and sharing a common tangent line or tangent plane at that point math
wuh-vlavla-vel trapezoid a quadrilateral having two parallel sides; math
wuh-zhil monomial an algebraic expression consisting of only one term math
yeht-da-sfek real axis the horizontal axis in an Argand diagram math
yeht-su'us real number a number that is rational or irrational, not imaginary math
yeht-wekh-zhil real polynomial a polynomial having only real numbers as coefficients math
yes-lafosh probable error the amount by which the arithmetic mean of a sample is expected to vary because of chance alone math
yesik'es-kek probability function a function of a continuous random variable whose integral over an interval gives the probability that its value will fall within the interval math
yuv- oval resembling an egg in shape; resembling an ellipse in shape; elliptical (adj.) math
yuvan ellipsoid a solid whose plane sections are all ellipses or circles math
yuvik oval resembling an egg in shape; resembling an ellipse in shape; elliptical (adj.) math
zeh-kek orthogonal function having a set of mutually perpendicular axes; meeting at right angles math
zeh-mesuvulaya orthogonal transformation an orthogonal transformation is a linear transformation T : V --> V which preserves a symmetric inner product. math
zeh-travek orthogonal group the orthogonal group of degree n over a field F is the group of n-by-n orthogonal matrices with entries from F math
zeh-viskulan orthogonal matrix in linear algebra, an orthogonal matrix is a square matrix G whose transpose is its inverse, i.e. :GGT = GTG = In. math
zeh-vukharat orthogonal vector orthogonal vector math
zeh-zehllar orthogonal lines two or more lines or line segments which are perpendicular are said to be orthogonal math
zehl line a geometric figure formed by a point moving along a fixed direction and the reverse direction math
zehl-krus line segment a line described by two sets of co-ordinates and the shortest connection between them math
zehl-travek linear group the general linear group GLn(q) is the set of n x n matrices with entries in the field Fq which have nonzero determinant. math
zehl-velak line element also known as the first fundamental form; at ordinary points on a surface, the line element is positive definite math
zehl-vo'ihn linear equation the algebraic equation, such as y = 2x + 7 or 3x + 2y - z = 4, in which the highest degree term in the variable or variables is of the first degree math
zehlik seht-su'us-ek'tal linear algebra branch of mathematics that deals with the theory of systems of linear equations, matrices, vector spaces, determinants, and linear transformations math
zek-shif ordered pair a collection of two objects such that one can be distinguished as the first element and the other as the second element math
zih-olozhika fuzzy logic a form of algebra employing a range of values from “true” to “false” that is used in decision-making with imprecise data math

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