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Amanda Grayson Amanda Grayson Spock's mother; Sarek's wife; a human individual
Arev desert wind name Syrran went by when he first met Archer and T'Pol (ENT - The Forge) individual
Asil Asil Tuvok's youngest child as a result of his 11th pon farr; born in the city of T'Paal individual
C'Thia the person C'Thia a Vulcan female philosopher who allows for a logical discource without purpose or direction; a revolutionary concept for a Vulcan to espouse (source: Orion Press Lexicon) individual
Char Char a Vulcan male of the ancient past; one of the bravest of Xar'kol, according to the Vulcan saga The Braves of T'Khut (source: Orion Press Lexicon) individual
Chu'lak Chu'lak, Lieutenant a lieutenant stationed on DS9 that killed two humans with a transporter rifle (DS9 Field of Fire) individual
Falor Falor a prosperous merchant who went on a journey to gain greater awareness; song of this journey (Falor's Jouney) has 348 verses [VOY Innocence] individual
Fer'at Fer'at, Doctor a Vulcan psychiatrist sent by Soval to examine Capt Archer without his knowledge (ENT - The Expanse Pt 1) individual
Haadok Haadok, Master founder of P'Jem sanctuary, his mummified remains are kept in the Reliquary in the catacombs beneath [ENT Andorian Incident] individual
I-Chaya I-Chaya Spock pet sehlat; it was his father's before it was his; killed by a lematya (TAS Yesteryear) individual
Jossen Jossen the seventh Vulcan fugitive; he was killed by T'Pol and forgotten about (ENT - The Seventh) individual
Kinis Kinis, Lt. assumed Vulcan identity of one Species 8472 at their training base; he was a SF Lt. acting as an aide to "Adm. Bullock" [VOY In the Flesh] individual
Kiri-kin-tha Kiri-kin-tha a Vulcan scientist who developed Laws of Metaphysics (ENT - The Forge) individual
Koss Koss T'Pol's fiance, an architect on Vulcan; they were betrothed when they were children and have only met 4 times [ENT Breaking the Ice], were married [ENT Home] and divorced [ENT Kir'Shara] individual
Kov Kov engineer of the civilian ship of V'tosh ka'tur (Vulcans without logic); befriended Trip (ENT Fusion) individual
Kuvak Kuvak an older member of the Vulcan High Command and is no supporter of V'Las individual
Lojal Lojal, Ambassador a Vulcan ambassador that visited DS9 (DS9 The Forsaken) individual
Lorian Lorian son of T'Pol and Trip Tucker half-Human, half-Vulcan offspring and captain of the starship Enterprise NX-01 while the ship is pulled back in time in the year 2037, Lorian was born in the year 2042 (ENT E2) individual
Lorot Lorot, SubAltern a subaltern in the Vulcan High Command, was assimilated by the Borg; is a middle-aged man in a TNG-era red uniform [VOY Infinite Regress] individual
Menos Menos surgically altered Vulcan fugitive; T'Pol is sent to apprehend him (ENT - The Seventh) individual
Mestral Mestral Vulcan stranded in Carbon Creek during the 1950's (ENT Carbon Creek) individual
Muroc Muroc, Sub-Commander Ambassador Soval's aide when he started negotiations with the Andorians over Pon Mokar (ENT Cease Fire) individual
Nirak Nirak a soldier long ago that guarded the city of Gol and mistook an approaching army for a sandstorm; the army destroyed the city of Gol (ENT - Kir'Shara) individual
Nirak Nirak a soldier that mistook an army for a dust cloud; this army destroyed the city of Gol and now his name means fool in the Vulcan language [ENT - Kir'Shara] individual
Oratt Oratt, Doctor head of the Vulcan delegation of the Interspecies Medical Exchange conference (ENT Stigma) individual
orishansu honourable survivor a refugee in the aftermath of Vulcan's distruction caused by Nero (ST2009) [] individual
R'ran'eth female guardian a Vulcan female; a guardian at Dh'reth (Orion Press Lexicon) individual
Ramek aide to Sarek A Vulcan male; secretary/aide to Sarek circa 2260 (Orion Press Lexicon) individual
S't'kal S't'kal an admiral in an alternate timeline [Pro novel Killing Time] individual
Saavik Saavik, Lt. science officer on the Grissom; half-Vulcan, half-Romulan; she also served on the Enterprise before her Grissom posting individual
Sajek Sajek a famous ka'athyra-maker that lived on Vulcan individual
Sakar Sakar brilliant theoretical scientist, often compared to Albert Einstein and Richard Daystrom [TOS The Ultimate Computer] individual
Sakketh Sakketh personal aide who worked with Ambassador Sarek during the Legaran conference in 2366 (TNG Sarek) individual
Sakonna Sakonna a gun seller for the Maquis (DS9) individual
Sarek Sarek, Ambassador Spock's father; a full Vulcan; married to Amanda Grayson individual
Saros Saros the captain of the Saratoga while Capt Sisko served aboard her; he once tried teaching Graal how to play chess in the ship's lounge [DS9 Novel Saratoga] individual
Sarpk Sarpk a famous ka'athyra-maker 5 Vulcan centuries ago individual
Sasek Sasek a Vulcan male; distant cousin of Sarek; married to T'Pel (TAS Yesteryear) individual
Satak Satak, Captain a Vulcan male; commander of the USS Intrepid when it was destroyed by a space-amoeba (TOS The Immunity Syndrome) individual
Satelk Satelk, Captain he oversaw the hearing that investigated the Academy Flight Range accident involving an illegal Kolvoord Starburst maneuver (TNG The First Duty) individual
Satok Satok, First Minister first officer of planet security for Vulcan and the V'Shar (the government's security arm) (TNG Gambit II) individual
Savar Savar, Admiral one of the victims of the alien's possession (TNG Conspiracy) individual
Sek Sek Tuvok's eldest son; his sister's name is Asil individual
Sekhet Sekhet a passionate, war-loving deity, she had been defeated by Surak's cool logic and the transformation of the mind lords into the peaceful Kolinahru [source: Recovery (profic)] individual
Selar Selar, Doctor A Vulcan medical doctor in Starfleet who was part of the U.S.S. Enterprise crew for its eight-year history (TNG Schizoid Man) individual
Selon Selon a male Vulcan ambassador from an alternate timeline; was part of the landing party trying to negotiate with the Canusians; he was injured by them [Pro novel Killing Time] individual
Senva Senva healer nominated for the Carrington Award [DS9 Prophet Motive] individual
Separ Separ a famous ka'athyra-maker that lived on Trilan (a Vulcan colony) individual
shati-hassu autodoctor (autodoc) autodoctor, an emergency medical hologram individual
Silek Silek Sarek's brother (Demons); is younger and was instrumental in having Sarek and Amanda meet individual
Simora Simora a Vulcan that served aboard the Victory, but met Jadzia Dax when she came through DS9 on the Wellington; she is an excellent cook [DS9 Novel Saratoga] individual
Sitar Sitar a Vulcan male; theoretical mathematician of galactic renown; akin to Einstein and Kazanga (TOS The Ultimate Computer) individual
Sklar Vulcan Kolinahr master conducted a lecture which T'Pol attended at age 10 individual
Skon Skon Sarek's father individual
Snovek or Snovekh founder of traditional calligraphy invented a specific style of Vulcan traditional calligraphy [] individual
Solin Solin Chief engineer of the Seleya poisoned along with his shipmates by Trillium-D (ENT Impulse) individual
Solkar Solkar Sarek's grandfather individual
Solok Solok, Captain Vulcan captain that challenged Sisko to a baseball game (DS9 Take Me Out to the Holodeck) individual
Sonak Sonak, Commander the Vulcan scientist that was to replace Spock as science officer on the Enterprise; was killed in a transporter accident (STTMP) individual
Sopek Sopek, Captain Vulcan captain that launched an attack of a settlement and was narrowly missed by phaser fire that T'Pol took (ENT Shadows of P'Jem) individual
Soral Soral opera star that performed a Terran opera [VOY The Swarm] individual
Soval Soval, Ambassador Vulcan ambassador to Earth, Soval has a somewhat stuffy, condescending attitude toward humans (ENT) individual
Spock Spock, Captain, Ambassador Sarek's son; 1/2 Vulcan, 1/2 Human; mother is Amanda Grayson individual
Stel Stel Chief Investigator of the Security Directorate of Vulcan; investigated the explosion of the Earth embassy on Vulcan [ENT - The Forge] individual
Sten Sten a Vulcan male; renown artist from Marcus II; Flint has some of his work in his art collection (TOS Requiem for Methuselah) individual
Stonn Stonn Spock's rival for T'Pring's hand in marriage (TOS Amok Time) individual
Strom Strom, Doctor member of the Vulcan delegation of the Interspecies Medical Exchange conference (ENT Stigma) individual
Stron Stron Vulcan stranded in Carbon Creek during the 1950's, was a warp field specialist (ENT Carbon Creek) individual
Surak Surak Vulcan male who ushered in the Time of Awakening on Vulcan, thus founding a movement based on logic and peace individual
Sybok Sybok Spock's half-brother whose father was Sarek and mother was T'Rea (STV) individual
Syrran Syrran founder of the Syrranite movement on Vulcan; believed that the Vulcan people had significantly strayed from Surak's teachings and wants to bring them back (ENT - The Forge) individual
T'Klaas T'Klaas he was a student of Surak and one of the first Kohinahr masters (ENT - Awakening) individual
T'Laan T'Laan a Vulcan female; researcher who discovered an artificial blood plasma in 1540 Vulcan calendar (SF Medical Reference Manual) individual
T'Lar T'Lar, Master of Gol High Master of Gol who performed Spock's fal-tor-pan (STIII) individual
T'Lara T'Lara Sarek's mother individual
T'Lara T'Lara, Admiral an admiral that conducted the inquiry into Lt. Worf on DS9 (DS9 Rules of Engagement) individual
T'Les T'Les T'Pol's mother; she was an instructor in the Vulcan Science Academy [ENT Home]; is now deceased [ENT Awakening] individual
T'Meni T'Meni Tuvok's mother; she serves in Starfleet [VOY Hunters] individual
T'Meni T'Meni Tuvok's granddaughter; daughter of Sek [VOY Hunters] individual
T'Mir T'Mir Vulcan stranded in Carbon Creek during the 1950's; was T'Pol's great-grandmother (ENT Carbon Creek) individual
T'Paal T'Paal an isolationist that obtained the Stone of Gol by impersonating a Romulan, Tallera (TNG Gambit I and II) individual
T'Pan T'Pan, Doctor Vulcan subspace morphology expert who was Director of the Vulcan Science Academy for 15 years ending in 2369 (TNG Suspicious) individual
T'Para T'Para ancient Vulcan teacher in Raal, according to "Falor's Journey" [VOY Innocence] individual
T'Pau T'Pau matriarch of Clan Surak; turned down a seat on Federation Council; also lead the Syrrannite movement [ENT - Awakening] individual
T'Pel T'Pel Tuvok's wife individual
T'Pel (2) T'Pel wife of Sasek, a distant cousin of Sarek (YAS Yesteryear) individual
T'Penna T'Penna opera star that performed a Terran opera [VOY The Swarm] individual
T'Pol T'Pol, Sub-Commander Vulcan science officer aboard the first Enterprise (ENT) individual
T'Pring T'Pring Vulcan female to whom Spock was betrothed; she issued the kalifee to avoid marrying Spock (TOS Amok Time) individual
T'Rea T'Rea Sarek's first wife, a Vulcan priestess/princess; died shortly after the birth of Sybok individual
T'Sai T'Sai, Master of Gol High Master of Gol who was about to confer the status of Kolinahr on Spock (STTMP) individual
T'Shanik T'Shanik young Vulcan woman seeking entrance into Starfleet Academy in 2364 (TNG Coming of Age) individual
Tavin Tavin, Captain captain of a civilian ship of V'tosh ka'tur (Vulcans without logic) [ENT Fusion] individual
Tok Tok, Captain captain of the Vulcan ship Yarahla [ENT Breaking the Ice] individual
Tolaris Tolaris one of the V'tosh ka'tur (Vulcans without logic) that melded with T'Pol (ENT Fusion) individual
Tos Tos Ambassador Soval's assistant individual
Tuvok Tuvok, Lt. Commander tactical officer aboard the USS Voyager; son of T'Meni; chief of security aboard Voyager as well individual
V'Lar V'Lar, Ambassador Vulcan ambassador who was to infiltrate the Mazarite government and gather evidence against corrupt officials (ENT Fallen Hero) individual
V'Las V'Las Administrator of the High Command which makes him Vulcan's de facto world president [ENT - The Forge] individual
Valeris Valeris, Lieutenant a protege of Spock's who was one of the leaders of the dissident movement to continue hostilities with the Klingons (STVI) individual
Vanik Vanik, Captain captain of the Vulcan ship charged with taking T'Pol back to Vulcan for her betrothal (ENT Breaking the Ice) individual
Velik Velik Vulcan scientist on an exchange programme to Earth; was Tucker's 10th grade science teacher [ENT Strange New World] individual
Vorik Vorik Vulcan engineer on Voyager, proposed to and rejected by B'lanna Torres (VOY - Blood Fever) individual
Xon Xon he was to have been Enterprise's new science officer in ST II, the aborted 1977 TV series individual
Xtmprsqzntwlfb Spock's family name this was made up by DC Fontana to satisfy the question she was always asked individual
Yuris Yuris, Doctor member of the Vulcan delegation of the Interspecies Medical Exchange conference; also a "closeted" melder [ENT Stigma] individual

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