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(pa'ash-)kunel butte - non-volcanic a hill that rises abruptly from the surrounding area and has sloping sides and a flat top geography
Arlanga Mountains Arlanga Mountains mountains that border the Sas-a-shar desert (Official ST Cooking Manual) geography
Caves of Kulvir Na'nam - Shi'al province Caves found here geography
Cheleb-khor Na'nam - Tat'sahr province desert where kahs-wan is traditionally done in this province geography
Da'Kum'Ulcha Na'nam - Shi'al province "City of Shadows"; ruins geography
Da-Leb Han-shir - Kel province one of three major populations centres, it is a city in the northern part of Kel province geography
Du-leb Han'shir - city a city in Han'shir geography
Dzhaya'an'Kahr Dzhaya'an'Kahr a Vulcan city geography
eshikh-storaya desertification the transformation of arable or habitable land to desert, as by a change in climate or destructive land use geography
Fire Plains Fire Plains found in Raal; covers 2,000,000 hectares of land 400 miles to the NE of Vulcana Regar; lies at the base of a triangle of 3 active volcanoes - T'raan (N), T'riall (SE), Tregar (SW) geography
flash-tor swamp to inundate or burden; overwhelm; e.g. swamp with work; to drench in or cover with or as if with water (verb) geography
Fort Aba'kur Na'nam - Tat'sahr province city located there geography
Gateway Gateway found in The Forge, it is believed to be the place where Surak started his journey across The Forge (ENT - The Forge) geography
glat-kov sign-stone a landmark [] geography
Go'an Han'shir - desert name of Han'shir's central desert geography
Go'an Han-shir - Kel province Han-shir's central desert, it houses vast arrays of solar collectors powering enormous generators which supply power to most of the continent geography
Gol Na'nam - province SW corner below Raal and Xial; bordered on W by Straits of Ha-zen (between Na'nam & Xir-tan) geography
Han-shir continent name of one of Vulcan's continents; bordered on the west by the Voroth Sea and the east by the Thanar Sea geography
Hayal-Masutra Pacific Ocean a poetic name for the Pacific Ocean on Terra [] geography
Insight Insight restaurant which has taken traditional Vulcan dishes and spiced them up for the offworld palate (Fed. Travel Guide) geography
K'lan Xir-tan - city former settlement on Xir-tan; sank under the sea geography
K'lan-ne Xir-tan - city small settlement on Xir-tan; means New K'lan geography
K'lan-ne Xir'tan continent ("New K'lan") a small settlement on the northern coase of the continent of Xir'tan; it serves as an embarkation/drop-off point and resupply centre for expeditions; the settlements attract the "misfits" of Vulcan society, including the followers of Tu-Jarok geography
Kel Han-shir - province the only province in the continent of Han-shir geography
Kir Na'nam - province varied ecology with temperate lowlands along coast of Thanar Sea to volcanic plains; an order of silent monks resides here (VOY Innocence) geography
Kolinahr monastery Na'nam - Gol province located on Mt. Kolinahr geography
Komi Na'nam - province flat, barren area; Llangon mtns there; Tinsha monastery there geography
Ku'Vel-bi Na'nam - Komi province large complex in Llangon Mtns devoted to research into Bendii's Syndrome geography
Kul'Cha'Vir monastery Na'nam - Tat'sahr province "Brothers of Fire"; devoted to training those who had psionic ability of pyrokenesis geography
Kwil'inor Han-shir - Kel province another major population centre that is on the coast of the Voroth Sea geography
Kwil-inor Han'shir - city a city in Han'shir geography
L-langon Mountains L-langon Mountains mountains that border the Sas-a-shar desert; a mountain range located on the edge of Vulcan's Forge (Sas-a-Shar), on the far side of the desert from Shi'Kahr (TAS Yesteryear, Official ST Cooking Manual) geography
Llangon mountains Na'nam - Komi province famous mountain range geography
masu-ur aquaduct a channel or canal that carries water, especially one that is in the form of a tall bridge across a valley, river, etc. geography
mazhiv-sef sand dune a hill of sand that is formed by the wind in a desert or near a beach geography
menal cliff a steep high face of rock; a tall embankment geography
Mt. Seleya Na'nam - Xial province - mountain sacred mountain on Vulcan; contains temple geography
Mt. Tar'hana Mt. Tar'hana an active volcano on Vulcan near to where T'Pol lives (ENT - Home) geography
Na'nam continent name of one of Vulcan's continents; contains capital city of Shi'Kahr and Mt. Seleya; bordered on the east by the Voroth Sea and the west by the Thanar Sea geography
ne-tin-eiktra alluvial plain a large assemblage of fluvial landforms (braided streams, terraces, etc.,) that form low gradient, regional ramps along the flanks of mountains geography
nesh-solek chernozem a very black topsoil, rich in humus, typical of cool to temperate semiarid regions, such as the grasslands of European Russia geography
os-masu-laptra climax tropical rain forest a rain forest in a tropical area [unsure what is meant by climax tropical rain forest] geography
P'Jem Monastery P'Jem Monastery A remote Vulcan spiritual retreat for Kolinahr and quiet contemplation founded by Master Haadok (And. Incident) geography
Piar'ash restaurant world renowned dining hall in the city of Vulcana Regar which caters almost exclusively to native Vulcans (Fed. Travel Guide) geography
pid-kunelik alpine of, relating to, or characteristic of mountains or their inhabitants (adjective) geography
pla-masu backwater any backward region that is isolated from the world and resists progress; a body of water that was created by a flood or tide or by being held or forced back by a dam geography
Plain of Blood Plain of Blood place where Surak crossed The Forge when the hot blood of battle still flowed green (ENT - The Forge) geography
Raal Na'nam - province an area of a province located on the coastline of the Voroth Sea; contains the Fire Plains (VOY Innocence) geography
Sarek's estate Na'nam - Kir province located on Mt. Tarhana geography
Sas-a-shar Sas-a-shar desert desert commonly called The Forge by offworlders (Official ST Cooking Manual) geography
Sas-a-shar desert Vulcan's Forge formidible range of mountains on Vulcan geography
shalitaya zonation arrangement or formation in zones; zonate structure; the distribution of organisms in biogeographic zones geography
Shannai'Kahr Shannai'Kahr a Vulcan city geography
Shi'al Na'nam - province contains Shi'Kahr, capital city of Vulcan geography
Shi'Kahr Na'nam - Shi'al province Vulcan's capital city; districts include Artesian & Old Quarter/Suta Temple, Public Gardens, etc geography
Shrine of S'Vec Na'nam - Tat'sahr province one of the first adepts taught by Surak geography
Sri'Kahr Sri'Kahr a Vulcan city geography
suk-tauk cavern a large cave or a large chamber in a cave; any large dark enclosed space geography
Sura'Kahr Sura'Kahr a Vulcan city geography
T'Karath Sanctuary T'Karath Sanctuary ancient catacombs located on Vulcan; a stronghold during the last Vulcan civil war 2 millennia ago (TNG Gambit) geography
T'Karath Sanctuary T'Karath Sanctuary an underground catacombs, a stronghold for Syrannites during the last Vulcan civil war; by the 24th C, it had been abandoned for centuries [ENT - The Forge] geography
T'Paal T'Paal city where Tuvok's daughter, Asil, was born [VOY Unimatrix Zero, Pt 2] geography
T'ralir Preserve Han'shir - preserve on west coast of Voroth Sea; largest preserve on Vulcan geography
T'ralor Preserve Han-shir - Kel province this is on the west coast of the Voroth Sea; it is the largest wilderness are on the planet; it contains the last living examples of over 100 otherwise extinct species of plants, animals, and trees geography
T'Shen monastery Na'nam - Shi'al province devoted to teaching a way of healing and preserving life geography
Ta'Vaish Ta'Vaish an ancient Vulcan port facility geography
Ta'vistar Na'nam - Tat'sahr province cultural/economic centre of the province; contains Academy, Market, and Old Quarters geography
Tai'la Na'nam - plateau desolate plateau outside Kolinahr monastery geography
Tarhana Mountain Na'nam - Kir province an active volcano in Kir Province which can be seen from the Vulcan capital Shir-kahr, 300 miles to the west; location of Sarek's estate; it is possible to tour the crater; also spelled Tar'hana (ENT - Home) geography
Tat'sahr Na'nam - province northern province of Na'nam geography
Tav'Sal'Nava Finest House the most prestigious hotel in all of ShiKahr (sometimes spelled ShirKahr); it is the only one the Ferengi stay at; all types of cuisine (including meat) are served there [Way of Kolinahr] geography
Te'Rikh Te'Rikh a Vulcan city geography
tekeh tekeh a geographical area on Vulcan (Spock's World) geography
Temple of Amonak Temple of Amonak One of the most sacred temples on Vulcan (VOY Hunters) geography
The Meditation The Meditation a thoroughly Vulcan establishment, simple and sparsely furnished. It's sixy seven rooms offer view of the Surak statue in Serenity Square (Shi'Kahr) geography
The Sehlat The Sehlat one of the few luxury inns in Shi'Kahr (Fed. Travel Guide) geography
torupik zul-kunel active volcano a volcano that is currently volcanically active geography
tsoraya cache a hiding place used especially for storing provisions; a place for concealment and safekeeping, as of valuables (noun) geography
Ulann monastery Na'nam - Kir province sect of Ulann emphasizes power of deeds over words; Monastery of Ulann found in Kir Province geography
ur-tor tunnel to make a tunnel through or under; to produce, shape, or dig in the form of a tunnel; to dig under geography
V'Shar Headquarters Na'nam - Raal province Vulcan Bureau of Internal Security's HQ geography
vikuvtra-travek archipelago a large group of islands; a sea, such as the Aegean, containing a large number of scattered islands geography
Vulcan Council Chambers Na'nam - Shi'al province - Shi'Kahr located in Shi'Kahr geography
Vulcan Science Academy Na'nam - Shi'al province - Shi'Kahr located in Shi'Kahr geography
Vulcan Space Central Na'nam - Shi'al province - Shi'Kahr located in Shi'Kahr geography
Vulcana Regar Na'nam - city spaceport city geography
Vulcana Regar Na'nam - Raal province port city for the province geography
Vulcanis Han'shir - city a city in Han'shir; busy spaceport; houses Vulcan's starship production facilities geography
Vulcinis Han-shir - Kel province this major city has a busy spaceport and houses Vulcan's starship production facilities which employ advanced construction alloys synthesized in the orbital space stations that ring the planet geography
wan-vok-laptra cloud forest a high-altitude tropical forest that is usually covered by cloud; clinging plants epiphytes, especially mosses and ferns, grow on the trees in profusion, encouraged by the moisture geography
Xial Na'nam - province completely landlocked; contains Mt. Seleya; contains Subministry of Agriculture geography
Xir'tan continent an island continent somewhat larger than Australia; is the most tectonically unstable land mass with frequent earthquakes and volcanoes; is too unstable to serve as a permanent home for more than a handful of Vulcans geography
Xir-tan continent most techtonically stable continent geography
zul-kunel butte - volcanic a hill formed from a volcano that rises abruptly from the surrounding area and has sloping sides and a flat top geography

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