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ahkhan warfare the waging of war against an enemy; armed conflict; military operations marked by a specific characteristic crime
ash'yaidar footprint a mark of a foot or shoe on a surface; a clue that someone was present crime
dash-tor injure to cause physical harm to; hurt; to cause damage to; impair; to cause distress to; wound crime
dotokau fine to require the payment of a fine from; impose a fine on (verb) crime
dotokaya fine a sum of money required to be paid as a penalty for an offense (noun) crime
eschak killing gift killing another with your mind alone; destructive psychokinetic effects; also eshak crime
eshak killing gift killing another with your mind alone; destructive psychokinetic effects; also eschak crime
geld-stau-nentu gallows a device usually consisting of two upright posts supporting a crossbeam used for hanging criminals crime
geldau hang to execute by suspending by the neck crime
guv-sakathilaya sexual discrimination discrimination (usually in employment) that excludes one sex (usually women) to the benefit of the other sex crime
guv-smertaya sexual harassment the making of unwanted and offensive sexual advances or of sexually offensive remarks or acts, especially by one in a superior position crime
ha-vel-ahkhan biological warfare the use of disease-producing microorganisms, toxic biological products, or organic biocides to cause death or injury crime
has-mar s'yartik-luk ergotism poisoning from excessive use of ergot crime
i'koi attack to set upon with violent force; to criticize strongly or in a hostile manner [Marketa] crime
k'la'sa rape the crime of forcing another person to submit to sex acts, especially sexual intercourse crime
kae'at k'lasa mind-rape mind-rape (a crime) crime
kae'at knal'lur mind-eavesdropping mind-eavesdropping (a crime) crime
kaisu-riyeht-staya fratricide the killing of one's brother or sister crime
kam'nat treason violation of allegiance toward one's country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one's country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies; includes theft against the Vulcan state crime
kan-riashausu pedophile an adult who is sexually attracted to a child or children crime
khluhkau choke breathe with great difficulty, as when experiencing a strong emotion; constrict (someone's) throat and keep from breathing; to wring the neck of (verb) crime
khrash violence physical force exerted for the purpose of violating, damaging, or abusing; the act or an instance of violent action or behavior crime
khrashik violent marked by, acting with, or resulting from great force; having or showing great emotional force crime
ki'fa kill in self-defense to kill in self-defense crime
klau harm physical or psychological injury or damage; wrong; evil (verb) crime
knal'lur eavesdropping eavesdropping crime
kuhsh-tor beat to strike repeatedly; to subject to repeated beatings or physical abuse; batter. c. To punish by hitting or whipping; flog (verb) crime
kuidar palmprint the print left by a palm crime
kum-tor capture to take captive, as by force or craft; seize; to gain possession or control of, as in a game or contest (verb) (VLI) crime
kwul hit a collision or impact; a successfully executed shot, blow, thrust, or throw; a murder (noun) crime
kwul strike an attack, especially a military air attack on a single group of targets crime
kwul-tor hit to come into contact with forcefully; strike; to reach with or as if with a blow (verb) crime
kwul-tor strike to hit sharply, as with the hand, the fist, or a weapon; to collide with or crash into crime
meh-hilan investigating the work of inquiring into something thoroughly and systematically crime
mev-fna-thon caliber the diameter of the inside of a round cylinder, such as a tube; the diameter of a bullet crime
nan threat declaration of an intention or a determination to inflict harm on another; a warning that something unpleasant is imminent; something that is a source of danger crime
nashiv attack the act or an instance of attacking; an assault; an expression of strong criticism; hostile comment (VLI) (noun) crime
nashiv-tor attack to set upon with violent force; to criticize strongly or in a hostile manner [VLI] crime
nentulau frame to make up evidence or contrive events so as to incriminate (a person) falsely crime
ozhidar fingerprint an impression on a surface of the curves formed by the ridges on a fingertip (noun) crime
ozhidar-glashayek fingerprint scanner a device that scans fingerprints into a database for comparison and identification crime
pehkau arrest to seize and hold under the authority of law; to capture and hold briefly; engage (verb) crime
pehkaya arrest the act of detaining in legal custody; the state of being so detained (noun) crime
pi'tak furuncle thief; robber crime
pohshau shoot to hit, wound, or kill with a missile fired from a weapon; to remove or destroy by firing or projecting a missile (verb) crime
pohshek-tilek bayonet to stab or kill someone with a bayonet crime
potau-tvi-shal holding cell a jail in a courthouse where accused persons can be confined during a trial crime
puk fight a confrontation between opposing groups; a quarrel or conflict (noun) crime
puk-tor fight to fight; to scrap; to battle crime
puksu fighter one who fights; person crime
pustau killed to be killed; put to death; destroyed; often used in combination with other words like fresh-killed meat (adj) crime
pusvik-tor betrayed past tense of betray crime
ran kill to put to death; to deprive of life; to put an end to; extinguish; to destroy a vitally essential quality in (verb) crime
riyeht-stau murder to kill (another being) unlawfully; to kill brutally or inhumanly (VLI) (verb) crime
riyeht-staya murder the unlawful killing of one being by another, especially with premeditated malice (VLI) (noun) crime
sakrus-zekau decollate to sever from the neck; to behead; to decapitate (verb) crime
sha'ves-yokulan cannibalism the practice of eating the flesh of your own kind crime
shau-vel fuse a cord of readily combustible material used to detonate an explosive (noun) crime
shi-kar-tor hunted; prey one who is hunted; prey; victim crime
si-to-gavik extralegal situated outside of the law crime
stau kill to put to death; to deprive of life; to put an end to; extinguish; to destroy a vitally essential quality in (verb) (VLI) crime
svik betrayal the quality of aiding an enemy; an act of deliberate betrayal crime
svik-tor betray to give aid or information to an enemy of; commit treason against; to deliver into the hands of an enemy in violation of a trust or allegiance crime
t'am'tar'am Verification verification, a ritual gathering of healers who meld with a suspected criminal to assay his guilt; a group of healers who seek the truth from the suspect's own mind crime
t'naehm war a state of open, armed, often prolonged conflict carried on between nations, states, or parties (Old Vulcan) crime
t'r'va'vat murder the unlawful killing of one being by another, especially with premeditated malice crime
taflau punish to subject to a penalty for an offense, sin, or fault; to inflict a penalty for (an offense); to handle roughly; hurt crime
taflaya punishment the act or an instance of punishing; the condition of being punished; a penalty imposed for wrongdoing crime
tal t'dvunan-vel svi'seshan-vunai ballistics the science of flight dynamics; the study of objects that are shot or thrown through the air, such as a bullet from a gun crime
tal'shaya execution method ancient method of execution; considered merciful; pressure is applied to the neck until it is broken causing instant death (TOS Journey to Babel) crime
tanaf-tehs art forgery a copy of a work of art that is presented as the original crime
tefosh'es immunity exemption from legal prosecution, often granted a witness in exchange for self-incriminating testimony crime
tehs fraud a deception deliberately practiced in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain (noun) crime
tehs-bosh fraudulent engaging in fraud; deceitful; characterized by, constituting, or gained by fraud crime
thorshau blow up to cause to explode (verb) crime
thorshkau bomb to attack, damage, or destroy with or as if with bombs; to drop a bomb or bombs (VLI) (verb) crime
thorshkaya bombardment to attack with bombs, shells, or missiles; to assail persistently, as with requests crime
thrap offense the act of causing anger, resentment, displeasure, or affront; a violation or infraction of a moral or social code; a transgression or sin crime
threshan-tash-tor throttle reduce the air supply; kill by squeezing the throat of so as to cut off the air (verb) crime
to-gav law the body of rules and principles governing the affairs of a community and enforced by a political authority; a legal system (anc.) crime
toglantau witness to be present at or have personal knowledge of; to provide or serve as evidence of (verb) crime
toglantausu eyewitness one who has seen something happen and can give testimony about it (noun) crime
togolausu enforcer enforcer; one who enforces crime
togolaya enforcement enforcement crime
tosatanau extradite to deliver up (a criminal) to the jurisdiction of some other state, country, etc. crime
tosatanaya extradition the surrender of a criminal by one state to the jurisdiction of another crime
tostau execute execute; to put to death crime
tostau put to death to put to death; to execute crime
tostausu executioner one who executes crime
tr'y'jar crime invasive procedure, a metaphor for crime crime
tuhs-linisau cross-examine to question (someone) closely in order to verify facts, or information previously given; to question a trial witness, who has already been questioned by the other side (verb) crime
tuhs-linisaya cross-examination (law) close questioning of a hostile witness in a court of law to discredit or throw a new light on the testimony already provided in direct examination crime
up'luo crime - victimless a crime which has no actual victim, or where the victim is the criminal themselves crime
vazgau steal to take (the property of another) without right or permission (verb); to commit a theft crime
viltah insult term used to disparage ones mixed heritage; cuss word; insult crime
yeht-gav justice the upholding of what is just, especially fair treatment and due reward in accordance with honor, standards, or law crime
zhuk-fas-tor forge to fashion or reproduce for fraudulent purposes; counterfeit crime

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