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Vulcan English Description Category
ahm-glat name sign a special punctuation marker in Vulcan calligraphy [] calligraphy
kharat-ulidar direction marker direction marker used in calligraphy [] calligraphy
Mazhiv t'Snovekh a specific style of calligraphy a specific style of Vulcan traditional calligraphy introduced by the historical figure Snovekh (sometimes spelled Snovek) [] calligraphy
ohalovaya honourable journey the act of practicing traditional calligraphy [] calligraphy
tanaf-kitaun calligraphy beautiful writing done using special pens or brushes [] calligraphy
vanu-tanaf-kitaun traditional calligraphy traditional Vulcan calligraphy [] calligraphy
wu-harr long tail a facet of Vulcan calligraphy; an extended stroke indicating the end of a sentence [] calligraphy
zehl-sebastak line tension line tension of calligraphic strokes (noun) [] calligraphy

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