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a'kweth hidden name of Sandworm of Vulcan animal
a'kweth Underliers huge sand worms; perhaps exists only in legends animal
a'lazb spider arachnoid [taxonomical term] animal
aluk fish generic term for any of the class Osteichthyes, having a bony skeleton (noun) animal
aushfa animal a organism of the kingdom Animalia with a capacity for locomotion, pronounced response to stimuli, fixed bodily structure (VLI) animal
aushfatra fauna the animals living within a given area or environment during a stated period animal
aylak reptile palm-sized, mud-coloured scavenger; scaly with twin whiplike tails; corpses feed lematyas animal
c'hik burrowing mammal small burrowing mammal animal
ch'kariya mammal - burrowing a burrowing mammal that relies on the roots of plants for water and nourishment; long and slender; sparse hair; very small (Surak's Soul) animal
chkariya weasel weasel-like animal that eats carrion, fruit, small animals; lives in temperate zone (Way of Kolinahr, Demons, The Lost Years) animal
chorka camel an extinct camel-like animal animal
d'rachanya dragon extinct Vulcan flying reptile (Karracaz's Fanfic - Here Be Dragons) animal
dokai fowl a large domesticated fowl that is used for keeping weeds/insects out of fields in the circumpolar region of Vulcan (Official ST Cooking Manual) animal
duf leather the dressed or tanned hide of an animal, usually with the hair removed; any of various articles or parts made of dressed or tanned hide animal
dukal-talvot coccus any spherical or nearly spherical bacteria animal
dzharel jarel a pony-like horned animal animal
eik-alem'es-kupik euryhaline describes water organisms that tolerate a wide range of salinity animal
eik-falek'es-kupik eurythermal describes organisms that tolerate a wide range of temperatures animal
eik-yokulik euryphagic describes organisms that tolerate a wide range of foods animal
ek'ash'ya gastropod class of mollusks typically having a one-piece coiled shell and flattened muscular foot with a head bearing stalked eyes animal
ek'esh-tukh-kupik euryoxic describes organisms that tolerate a wide range of oxygen to live animal
ek'neshuhk obligate parasite a parasite that cannot lead an independent nonparasitic existence, in contrast to facultative parasite animal
el-ukalik fissiped having the toes separated from one another, as in the feet of certain carnivorous mammals animal
falek'es-ashausu thermophile an organism a type of extremophile which thrives at relatively high temperatures, up to about 60 C animal
fan'yokulsu omnivore an omnivorous person or animal; that takes in everything available, either plant or animal; eats either plants or animals animal
git'woa amphibian cold-blooded vertebrate typically living on land but breeding in water; aquatic larvae undergo metamorphosis into adult form animal
ha'gel-yokulsu phototroph a photoautotroph; an organism capable of synthesizing its own food from inorganic substances using light as an energy source animal
ha-guhsh-yokulsu detritivore an organism that feeds on decaying animal or plant material; detritivores such as bacteria, earthworms, and many insects aid in breaking down soil animal
hafau-ha-vel relict an organism or species of an earlier time surviving in an environment that has undergone considerable change animal
haterkadu symbiont am organism in a symbiotic relationship animal
haurok bird a type of bird animal
hayalit reptile small burrowing desert animal; chameleon with carapace; barely qualifies as an animal animal
i'dek animal a organism of the kingdom Animalia with a capacity for locomotion, pronounced response to stimuli, fixed bodily structure animal
ikh'kom carnivore any of various predatory, flesh-eating mammals of the order Carnivora, including the dogs, cats, bears, weasels, hyenas, and raccoons [taxomomic term] (Marketa) animal
jarel horse like animal small horned equestrian-like animal animal
k'karee snake mottled blue-grey poisonous snake; found in the desert animal
k'nurt rodent a Vulcan rodent similar to a rabbit animal
kahm-yokulsu carnivore a flesh-eating animal; one who victimizes or injures others; a predator (VLI) animal
kahtel cattle cattle (Vulcanized Terran word) animal
kastik-yokulsu herbivore an animal that feeds chiefly on plants animal
keh-masunol-yokulsu methanotroph an organism capable of oxidizing methane. animal
kelek-aushfa pet an animal kept for amusement or companionship animal
kenel horse-like animal an extinct horse-like animal animal
kid feather one of the horny, elongated structures that form the plumage of birds (noun) animal
krin-tu wolf-like animal an extinct wolf-like animal; also called "krinti" animal
krinti canine a Vulcan canine animal
krovill toothless animal a toothless animal able to eat anything (Planet of Judgement) animal
kuht herd A number of animals of one species that remain together as a group (noun) animal
kushel bird generic term for of the class Aves of warm-blooded, egg-laying, feathered vertebrates with forelimbs modified to form wings animal
kushel fowl a bird, such as the duck, goose, turkey, or pheasant, that is used as food or hunted as game animal
kwai-aushfatra wildlife wild animals and vegetation, especially animals living in a natural, undomesticated state animal
lanka-gar bird - night-flier night-flier (bird of prey); a nocturnal predatory bird animal
lara bird a dazzlingly blue desert bird animal
le-matya mammal - wild cat-like omnivorous Vulcan animal, has poisonous claws, green-white diamond pattern in its fur [TAS Yesteryear] animal
masunol-yokulsu methylotroph an organism capable of oxidizing organic compounds which do not contain carbon-carbon bonds; if able to oxidize methane, also a methanotroph animal
masutra-guhl sea gull mostly white aquatic bird having long pointed wings and short legs animal
masutraik numo-ha-vel plankton a collection of small or microscopic organisms that float or drift in great numbers in fresh or salt water animal
masutraik numo-mahal-vel nekton the collection of marine and freshwater organisms that can swim freely and are generally independent of currents ranging from microbes to whales animal
masutral'esk sea monster mythical or legendary creatures, believed to dwell in the sea and often imagined to be of immense size animal
mathra butterfly any of various insects of the order Lepidoptera, characteristically having slender bodies, knobbed antennae, and four broad, usually colorful wings animal
mor'gril wolverine a psionically-aware animal similar to a Terran wolverine animal
mor-gril wolverine a psionically aware animal similar to a Terran wolverine animal
nas'ksiem cetacean large aquatic mammal having fins, no fur, and no hind limbs animal
natya-shidik heteromorphic having different forms at different periods of the life cycle, as in stages of insect metamorphosis animal
nor-sehlat nor-sehlat a larger, predatory sehlat relative; lives in the deep desert and is unable to climb rocks to catch its prey animal
od'u cephalapod a marine mollusk characterized by well-developed head and eyes and sucker-bearing tentacles [taxonomic word] animal
oluhk snake any of numerous scaly, legless, sometimes venomous reptiles of the suborder Serpentes or Ophidia (anc.) animal
rala wing one of a pair of movable organs for flying, as the feather-covered modified forelimb of a bird or the skin-covered modified digits of the forelimb of a bat animal
ravot insect any of numerous small arthropod animals characterized by three pairs of legs and a body segmented into head, thorax, and abdomen animal
ravot sher'khah insect an insect that feeds exclusively on the sher'khah tree animal
rish-ha-vel crossbreed an organism that is the offspring of genetically dissimilar parents or stock; especially offspring produced by breeding plants or animals of different varieties or breeds or species (noun) animal
risov-ha-vel anaerobe an organism, such as a bacterium, that can live in the absence of atmospheric oxygen animal
ron-tu dog-like animal an extinct dog-like animal; was domesticated as a pet animal
sakasu-nalatra-neshuhk biotroph a parasite that feeds on the living tissue of its host animal
sark beetle any of numerous insects of the order Coleoptera, having biting mouthparts and forewings modified to form horny coverings that protect the underlying pair of membranous hind wings when at rest animal
sau-krusik palmate having webbed toes, as the feet of many water birds animal
sehlat bear-like animal a large bear-like animal with 6 inch fangs, often domesticated as a pet animal
sha'amii goat-like animal live in Sas-a-shar desert; it yields milk, as well as long, silken "wool" (Official ST Cooking Manual) animal
sha'mi sheep-like animal a Vulcan animal whose long curly hair is used in the textile industry animal
sha'vokh bird a large, desert-dwelling carrion-eating bird whose wingspan is 2.5 m; a vulture animal
sham'amii type of cattle a domesticated animal; it yields milk and other dairy products; has long silky wool which is famous; does not require grain feed but can subsist quite well on the native browse (Nurse Chapel's Cook Book) animal
shatarr lizzard poisonous lizzard that live under rocks and in caves; found in the desert (The Lost Years) animal
shavokh bird hunting bird; gold-brown feathers; 2.5 m wing span; found in the desert; vulture-like bird animal
si-falek-aushfa poikilotherm an organism, such as a fish or reptile, having a body temperature that varies with the temperature of its surroundings; cold-blooded animal
sov-ha-vel aerobe an organism, such as a bacterium, requiring oxygen to live animal
starok bat nocturnal mouselike mammal with forelimbs modified to form membranous wings and anatomical adaptations for echolocation by which they navigate animal
stonn horn one of the hard, usually permanent structures projecting from the head of certain mammals; a bony core covered with a sheath of keratinous material animal
tcha'be'she Sandworm ancient Vulcan 'underlier', a Sandworm of Vulcan animal
tchakarya ferret a small, ferret-like predator; also spelled chkariya (see that for a better definition) animal
tchorka camel an extinct camel-like animal animal
te-resh-kah silver bird silver bird-like predator; the Vulcan "silver-bird"; also spelled teresh-kah animal
teresh-kah silver bird silver bird-like predator; the Vulcan "silver-bird"; also spelled te-resh-kah animal
tevanu-yokulsu scavenger an animal, such as a bird or insect, that feeds on dead or decaying matter; one that scavenges, as a person who searches through refuse for food animal
treit flock a group of animals that live, travel, or feed together (noun) animal
tugno't sheep-like animal a sheep-like animal native to Vulcan; its soft, curly woool is used for Vulcan robes (Orion Press Lexicon) animal
ukraluk reptile generic term for a cold-blooded, usually egg-laying vertebrates of the class Reptilia animal
va'khen bird a flying preditor of the mountains animal
valit rodent small, rust-coloured, burrowing rodent; found in the desert animal
vek t'rikas-sa-nel tapetum a membranous layer or region, especially the iridescent membrane of the choroid of certain mammals animal
vralt goat an animal similar to a mountain goat animal
wil'tei canine any of various fissiped mammals with nonretractile claws and typically long muzzles; of or relating to or characteristic of members of the family Canidae animal
xirahnah silver birds the legendary Vulcan "silver birds"; they have chromium-coloured feathers; falcon-sized; make a "chir-up"-like sound or an eerie cry; nest furtner north in the L-langon range; usually come over the Sas-a-shar at dawn (Orion Press Lexicon) animal
zud-fam- edentate of or pertaining to an order of placental animals like sloths/armadillos/anteaters; are toothless animals animal

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