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Do you like DeForest Kelley and McCoy? Then this site is for you, with pictures, details, backstory and links.

It is dedicated to all the many De Kelley and McCoy fans out there who taught me how to love him...and of course, to DeForest Kelley, a wonderful actor and human. If you like to contribute material, please send me a note.

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DeForest Kelley Pictures - The Early Years and Carolyn

De with another actress, Ann Doran:

The McCoy Worship Party

McCoy Worship Party, originating at a FanFiction Fest with this posting:
"Just to get everyone in the mood I thought it would be fun to list a bunch of really awesome things about Dr. McCoy. What are all the reasons you find him appealing, at least to write about?"

Read the answers of his fans here! :)

McCoy Worship Reasons #1

  • He's a warm, sympathetic individual
  • He's from Georgia and has that southern flavor that I'm so nostalgic about
  • He has a really neat biting wit (although it gets too sharp sometimes)... it's still funny
  • EYES
  • Good doctor, I'm assuming (well, he could operate on Sarek while the ship was being shaken like a snowglobe in the hands of a five-year-old with ADD.... and Sarek lived!)
  • Was he playing something in the camping scene in Final Frontier? That's ALWAYS a plus... ;-)
  • "I'm a doctor, not an escalator." Who really needs another reason? :-P
More good reasons!
McCoy in Startrek II

DeForest Kelley Portraits

  (*) From the true Southerner Kelthammer - two explanations why Nancy might call McCoy "Plum":
There are two meanings for "plum" in the American South, both now obscure: The first means, "flush," or "jackpot," roughly like the rhyme, He stuck in his plum and pulled out a plum" (which incidentally, was a deed to a choice land contract. Little Jack Horner was a thief who knew something good was hidden in that pie he was delivering!). The second meaning to plum affers to brandy! To describe a drink as plum is to say it is smooth, mellow...implies refinement...
In either case, Leonard had damn good cause to be flusterated.

McCoy Worship Reasons #2

  • He actually cares about Spock even though they spar all of the time.
  • He's from Georgia, and even more "Southern" than me. .
  • I could imagine myself going to him for advice.
  • He shared Spock's consciousness.
  • "I'm a doctor, not a bricklayer" (that's actually my screensaver, the scrolling marquee thingy).
  • The "Plato's Stepchildren" episode, he made Alexander almost cry because he was the first person to ever be nice to him (I have a pic of that for my wallpaper).
  • Several times, he was about to sacrifice himself for his friends and the crew of the big E.
More good reasons!

A Zine Shooting with DeForest and Carolyn Kelley (see here for all zine articles)

Some things about McCoy - Kelthammer

McCoy in Mittor Mirror   OK, here goes with what I remember of Canon-McCoy, and the MU...mind you, my sources were OLD zines that I sold years ago when I was hard up for money, but one zine was SPOCKANALIA, which had the blessings of the show--De and Nimoy even wrote Spock-McCoy-fued letters once via the zine! The MU was originally not intended to be "evil"--just backwards. Interesting revisions--McCoy was supposed to have the beard, not Spock, and Marlena was married to the MU Kirk. Spock was very Pre-Reform, and they kept that element in the final draft. SPOCKANLIA mentioned in a one-sentence blurb that is very easy to lose, that McCoy was the same in both Universes. This isn't to mean THE SAME/THE SAME; Roddenberry originally conceived of De playing the role of SPOCK (which De flatout refused to do, but for some reason, De's roles kept getting haunted by this: in "Balance of Terror", De nearly got pointed ears along with Kirk during the theft of the cloaking device, and Roddenberry did actually get De in a role as a hard-edged lawyer who spoke of reason and logic in "333 Montgomery".
After De refused the notion of playing Spock, Gene offered him the role of the ship's doctor. De had wanted to be a doctor, but the Depression had made that financially impossible. McCoy was supposed to be a man who was lacking in faith in his fellow man, bitterly unhappy about his divorce (his wife was supposed to have ran him through the wringer, taken his daughter, and forbidden him to see much of her.

Joanna grew up to be a Nurse and all he had the nerve to do was send her an occasional letter that told her he was still alive and thinking of her. He's writing a letter to her in the Animated series when the Alien of the Week knocks him under. Joanna was even going to be a brief hippie type, but she was turned into Irinia, a former interest in Chekov's life. It was because Joanna would attract Jim's ever roving eye, and McCoy would not take it well at all--there were powerful, strong scenes between the two characters scored by DC Fontana, but the idea of the Great Jim Kirk being cut down to size by an enraged father didn't suit Desilu and so they scrapped the notion. I used to have the book that discussed that--its a classic, "The Making of Star Trek", with Gene's words always written in capitol letters.
McCoy in Journay to Babel
McCoy, Kirk, Spock in Court Martial Gene's original plan to have an utterly depressing CMO didn't work in the long run. He showed De THE MENAGERIE, and De was struck head over heels with how Dr. Phillip Boyce interacted with Captain Pike. When De saw that, he knew that was what he wanted his character to be for Kirk. You especially see the strengths in here, in episodes like BALANCE OF TERROR, and THE CORBOMITE MANEUVER--part bartender, part confessor, reminding Jim of his role as responsible for the captain's health only when he had to--later on that role became more subtle, and Spock got involved--I mean, come on, when you watch SHORE LEAVE, do we actually believe Spock's picking up McCoy's report on the captain's health was an accident? And the way Spock set him up for it was beautiful. Another great example of Spock and McCoy uniting with worry over Jim was OBSESSION.
Not-so-great examples such as THE ENTERPRISE INCIDENT shows what happens when one of the three is left out--Spock and Kirk working without McCoy's knowledge because they had to use him--that turns into one of the more infamous episodes although it was worth it to see another DC Fontana-created, strong female presence with the Commander. There's been a good bit of fanfic out there over what happened directly after that episode--and I've never seen Jim and Spock come out of it looking all that great. I guess that's what you get when you leave your conscience behind! McCoy at the end of ST III
Ok, that's the background; De didn't want to play a role that cynical and depressed because one of his childhood heroes was his uncle, the doctor who delivered him. But he always kept the tired, cynical shell and a large screen of privacy--it takes the 3rd Season before he openly lets Jim and Spock inside his wall of privacy!

But the Mirror Universe, which became an example of "universe Gone Horribly Wrong" enhances everyone's faults; Kelley gave his alter ego a persona that was angry and ineffectual and very depressed; the writers took a neat, gleaming Sickbay and made it gloomy, dark, and ugly. McCoy's tools and implements were out of place, shabby, and scattered around. He notes this with open disgust and borderline anger. Later, in a scene that is usually cut out of the network aired versions, he's ranting to Kirk that his sickbay has become a "den of horrors!" Two of his medics had been placing bets over an injured crewmen to see when he would pass out from the pain. We never see these medics; we never see anyone in his sickbay. Its not a place people go to willingly. Spock is contemptuous of McCoy, calling him sentimental and soft...but never goes into specific details, and seems confident that he would crack under questioning. Whether he would or not, we don't know; McCoy isn't "questioned" so much as his brain is plumbed!

DeForest Kelley - Hollywood Star Pictures

McCoy Worship Reasons #3

  • I'm a born and bred Southerner who loves that this gentle, wise character is so different from how characters from the South are usually portrayed. (can we say stereotype?)
  • He's a humanist. He makes no apology for that fact. (This sounds racially bias toward humans, but I mean that he expects dignified treatment of all beings, of all races and origin)
  • He's a friend. Loyal to the core, and you just get the feeling that whomever crosses those he has taken to be his friends, crosses him as well. (Including that damned Vulcan!)
  • He's a mystery. We were given much more background about Kirk and Spock than we were ever given about McCoy. Leaves so much (deliciously) to the imagination.
  • He's not perfect. We know he's scared of transporters, has a temper that can rattle hinges, and sounds off when he should stay quiet (even when he KNOWS he should stay quiet). You just have to believe he was a real scrapper in his younger days. Always getting himself in trouble by confronting the bully on the playground.
  • When he sits on the edge of his desk and crosses him arms, it completely melts me! Face it, he's sexy as hell!
More good reasons!
McCoy in Conscience of the King

DeForest Kelley - In Role Pictures

Wardrobe Tests:

Some things about DeForest Kelley - Kelthammer

DeKelley   If any one ST actor embodied Gene's optimism, it was Kelley. He refused to define human beings by outward labels. While Gene had done time patrolling bad streets in his police days, De had experienced the poverty and desperation of the Depression in the Deep South. Cash had not been plentiful in his childhood home, and De spoke of how they had trapped small animals to eat, saying only that a minister's life was not lucrative. When he did get money as an established actor, he shared it, even though he called himself "stingy." And while he practice moderation with smoking and drinking, candy was another matter. His addiction to chocolate bars was well known on the set, to where Jimmy Doohan once sent him a crate of Hershey bars to "fatten him up."
He ignored racial barriers all his life and acknowledged his Native (Cherokee) ancestry--something a lot of Americans refuse to do to this day. He was certainly not whitebread--there are many shots under the "colored alien suns" where his skin turns dusky and ruddy, while Shatner right next to him under the same light would be all gold tones! (Nimoy, thanks to all that makeup, could be anything from olive to a green-yellow). Like many of the actors on the set, Kelley loathed the way the boots were designed--they were tight and cramped a lot of toes, a far cry from the cowboy boots he was used to wearing. On the few occasions you see him running on the set, like METAMORPHOSIS, his natural grace is apparant. Being married to a man of Tsalgi extraction, I see a lot of similarities between the two; an unconscious sense of balance and a lightness on the feet, and other physical likenesses. Despite the boots, Kelley's natural body language could come out, such as that famous bob on his feet! Talk about a mannerism that's almost died out! I used to see that a lot when I was younger, but no more--I guess men are afraid it says they're gay now... DeKelley in Gunfight at the OK Corral
DeKelley in a Lone Ranger ep Kelley was one of the first actors who moved from the movies to television; he was from the rough and tumble creche of cowboys such as Henry Fonda, Rory Calhoun, and Robert Mitchum played, where you had to be physically active and able to take a good bit of punishment. When Steve McQueen said he didn't look tough enough to be the heavy on his show, De kindly kicked him around the set to prove otherwise.
He remained very strong and agile up until the last years of his life when the cancer forced him down; once while visiting Shatner at his new home, he noticed there was a St. Francis statue in the yard. Knowing Shatner was Jewish and didn't need a Catholic emblem, he got Shatner's permission to take it home, and promptly carried the whole thing to his car. Friends remembered that visits with him could mean this fragile looking man could calmly hand over sixty pounds of fruit or homegrown vegetables as a farewell present! But if Kelley's actions tended to the mischief rather than the muscle when the situation called for it. People who played jokes on him could expect to get it back, trebled!

(Western movies screencaptures courtesy of Liz!)

DeForest Kelley Autographs

DeForest Kelley Material

For hearing pleasure:
He's dead, Jim! (wav file, 165 kB) Great compilation and interview with De Kelley!
Doctor Poppycock (mp3, 3,3 MB!) mixture of music and McCoy sayings, weird :)
DeForest Kelley in 1957 Radio (mp3, 25 MB at megaupload) "Fleshpeddler" of the radio series Suspense, 25 min runtime

Movie & TV screencaptures:
Screencaptures of the Military Training Movie of 1945, starring De; (DVD available from moviesunlimited, GI Scare Vol1.)
Screencaptures of the movie "Fear in the Night" of 1947 starring De (DVD available at Amazon)
Screencaptures of the movie "Warlock" of 1959, starring De (next to Henry Fonda, Anthony Quinn and Richard Widmark! DVD available at Amazon)
Screencaptures of the Perry Mason Ep "The Case of the Unwelcome Bride" of 1961, starring De
Screencaptures of "Death Valley Days - Lady of the Plains" of 1966, starring DeForest Kelley and Sherry Jackson (who plays Andrea in the Trek episode "What are little girls made of?")

The Barbecue Photo Series behind the Star Trek set

Things to watch:
DeForest Kelley's Hollywood Boulevard Star Ceremony at imeem
An Evening with DeForest Kelley -- De Eve 1-3 at imeem
De in Chicago 1991 -- Day 1 at megaupload (77 MB zipped wmv) // Day 2 at megaupload (86 MB zipped wmv)
Shatner, Nimoy, DeKelley 1995 at the 30th Anniversary Creation Con -- SNK 1-3 at imeem

Things to read:
The Stories Startrek Tried to Censor - Battle against Cancer about Carolyn and his mother, 1968 (PDF 1.4 MB)
Longer article about his youth (1968?) Some things that are also written in his bio, plus very rare shots! (PDF, 1.2 MB))
Hollywood Magazine 1968 (PDF) Articles about DeForest Kelley and a smaller one about Leonard Nimoy
Article about the not so good years in his life before Startrek (1968?) (jpg, no photo)
Article in memoriam DeForest Kelley (1999) (PDF, 0.6 MB)

Books to buy:
From Sawdust to Stardust - his biography written by Terry Lee Rioux, good read for backstory and some (but not enough) photos
DeForest Kelley: A Harvest of Memories by Kristine M. Smith, a good friend of his, good read for personal interaction and a glimpse into his normal life

DeForest Kelley Tributes and more

Another DeForest Kelley Tribute Page with citations, sound, movies and episodes list
Another Tribute Page with quotes

The McCoy Zine Index
DeForest Kelley fan page
Young De

Superb De Filmography! with many pictures and information and tipps - simply great!

Carolyn Kelley died

Article - Dr. Leonard McCoy, definitely not PC

DeForest's Zucchini cassarole receipt

De Kelley in Gunfight at the OK Corral (to the very right)
De in sexy Western outfit    Deforest in Warlock    Western Picture of De

McCoy Worship Reasons #4

  • He's a fighter concerning his profession, and hates to lose there. But he's rather avoiding personal problems by trying to "escape" (my feeling, and this dichotomy appeals to me).
  • You'll get to hear his real opinion, not some nicely lied, sugar-coated stuff - whether you like it or not, and regardless of the circumstances (except you're his patient).
  • He speaks his mind most of the time, ignoring what it might cost him.
  • He can apologize, if needed.
  • He's so human, no beauty, no Mr.Universe, but with heart, soul and brain.
  • And darn, he is sexy. But I was definitely shocked when I found myself drooling over him in the beginning of ST II. I mean - I was cheating on Mr. Spock!! ;P
More good reasons!
McCoy operating on Sarek in Journey to Babel

Behind the Scenes and Publicity Shots (Click on the images to get bigger versions!)

Signing Sept. 1969, archive autismmom Snapshots from a barbecue

(For the full barbecue series, see here.)

Shooting of TMP Shooting of ST III

30th Anniversary 1995    Scanned picture found in some old magazine, Paramount Anniversary No idea, which event

30th Anniversary, Alabama, 1995

McCoy Worship Reasons #5

  • His eyes
  • His basic decency--the fact that in spite of his surface crustiness, he has a heart of pure gold
  • His eyes
  • The character in his face, that comes from years of allowing himself to be affected by life
  • His eyes . . .
  • Well, his smile, too *g*
More good reasons!
McCoy and Tonia Barrows in Shoreleave
McCoy and Nancy in Mantrap

De about McCoy

"In the series, what storyline would I like to see written for the character McCoy that we never really made? There was a story that we never had a chance to get to. We had anticipated if we had gone another year, McCoy's daughter Joanna coming aboard and having a romance with Bill Shatner. (applause) You don't think that would have ticked the good doctor off? (laughter) Nobody knows more what a ladies man Bubble Butt was! (applause)"
--Baltimore Convention 1985

"I would have liked to have seen a woman come aboard, creating some sort of mystery regarding McCoy's involvement with her in some manner that could have been an interesting show, that could have done something with his personal side."

McCoy photomanip

More Publicity and Group Shots (Click on the images to get bigger versions!)

Shooting of TMP, with GR Shooting of TMP, with GR

(Click on the images to get bigger versions!)

McCoy Worship Reasons - Adding it up!

"Oh, yeah...and the way that grin lights up the entire Universe, with warmth and a level of happiness that completely devalues his hard-worked reputation as a grump...he's damn cute, not a wimp, and while I'm totally against cloning sheep, there needs to be a lot more of him in the world!!"   McCoy and Barrows photomanip by Karracaz - High Noon (aka Cooper/Kelly)

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